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Question: How can I write an email that gets brides to take action?

“****The webinar was great informational last night,  I created this [email to send to brides] and wanted to know your thoughts.”

Dear Stepanie,

Hope planning is going well for your upcoming May 5th wedding.

I just finished read a book where one of the chapters gave 7 tips on keeping everything
balanced at your reception.

I would love to be a part of your special day and to be able to create some new awesome ideas.

Contact me Friday 5th between 5-7 to sign up for your FREE consultation.

Dates are filling fast.

Talk to you on Friday

Thank you.




Glad you enjoyed the webinar!

I like that you mention her wedding date, you’ve included something to arouse her curiosity and a very clear call to action…and that your imaginary bride happens to have the same name as me.  🙂

Here are some ways to make your email more enticing:

1. Share one of those seven tips you read or give her an awesome idea for her reception. Nothing will get her wanting more like having a real sample.

2. Invite her to meet with you to learn more about what you share.

3. Offer her something more compelling than a “free consultation.”  To a bride/groom, that’s code for a sales pitch.

Offer her a free copy of the book when she meets with you.

Would it be worth the cost of a book to get a chance to meet with a qualified couple?  If you know you book 50% of the people you meet with (or even less than that) heck yeah!

4. Go for the next action instead of going right for the meeting.  It’s really difficult to schedule a meeting via email; it’s much easier to get on the phone and then make the meeting happen.

I’m not sure about the relationship you have already established with this bride, but unless she’s already hot and bothered about working with you, asking her to “sign up for a free consultation” might be off putting.

Invite her to have a “quick phone chat to find out if we’re a good match” instead.  It’s much less threatening and it will make getting the meeting more likely.

5. Don’t lay it on too thick.  Letting her know that you have limited availability is good, but I’m kind of doubting dates are filling up fast for your free consultation.  (Sorry.)

Test it out your new approach and measure the response.  Do you get more phone calls and set more meetings?  The proof is in the results.  🙂

What do YOU think about this email?  How can he make the bride/groom more interested in a meeting?

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