professional photographerGuest post by Katie Smyth.

When you see it you know it: The PRO.

The Pro is consistent, precise and ‘together’. Not to the point of perfection (we’re all human after all), but you can see they get the job done.

Steven Pressfield, creator extraordinaire, tells us, “There are two paths: Amateur and Pro”. And I’m telling you this, “It’s up to you which you choose to be”.

Pressfield says that an amateur is constantly stopped by their fears, is caught up in the opinion of others, is distracted, is seeking instant gratification, seeks permission, and will only be ready tomorrow.

In contrast, the Pro acts in the face of fear, is not distracted, is dedicated to mastery, shows up every day, and doesn’t wait for inspiration.

You already know whether you are an amateur or a Pro. And you know whether or not you need to step it up a notch (hint: there is always room for improvement, and all Pros know it).

While going Pro is a journey, you can take the first steps right now.

So how can your wedding business go Pro? Here are five practical things you can do today:

1. Ditch the generic Gmail or Hotmail email address.

A Pro uses their designated URL for their email address, not a free account.

2. Find and fix those bad links on your website.

There is nothing more frustrating for a visitor on your site than to click on a link and be shown an error page. Having a visitor click a link is a win for you, don’t reward the behavior with frustration – they might not click again.

3. Check your spelling and grammar.

ALWAYS proofread. Could there be anything less Pro than a mistake which could have been picked up via a simple reread? This is especially important on your static web pages or any printed materials. Get a second pair of eyes on it, we can often miss things when we are too close to the project.

4. Stop using inconsistent visual branding.

Whether or not you can afford a fancy graphic designer or not, the Pro will always have a clear and definite visual identity. Choose a color palette, some fonts and maybe even a logo, and stick to it. The idea is to build a brand that is memorable – without consistency you just can’t do this.

5. Quit talking like you’re a large enterprise if you’re really a small business.

In fact even if you are a large enterprise, quit it. I’ve already said this, but we’re all human – so let’s act like it. It’s a stone, cold fact that people buy from people, not businesses. Talk and write like you’re a person and other people will buy from/hire you. Simple. Remember: Pros are authentic, so be real.

How can you go PRO in your wedding business?

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Katie circle imageKatie is a communications consultant with a flair for wrangling words, brainstorming branding strategy and manhandling marketing collateral (she likes alliteration too). She has been studying and working in communications for over seven years and has been known to speak about good communication to rooms full of eager ears. Katie works with her clients to discover simple and direct messaging which speaks to customers and ultimately brings in more sales. You can find her online at or on Facebook.

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