Writing a great article or white paper is crucial for building the content on your wedding business website, as well as for writing great guest blogs on other sites that will draw attention back to your business. It’s actually a simple process as long as you follow the formula, have inspiration for your topic, and don’t overthink what you are writing.


Ryan Kristopher wrote a cool article explaining the 5 steps. For a brief overview, those steps are:  Write Your Title, List Out Things That Will Add Value, Write Your First Draft Without Stopping, Edit, Plug A Call-To-Action At The End.

Out of those steps I would say that the third step “Write Your First Draft Without Stopping” is the most overlooked step, and ignoring it creates the greatest havoc in getting that article written. Don’t take breaks, and don’t get sidetracked. If you take a break you will be completely lost when you come back, and to top it off you will find yourself writing in a completely different tone and style.

Don’t be afraid of writing, you CAN do it, and as long as you know the basics you should do fine!

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