If you are looking for an easy way to land top-paying clients, then you probably won’t land top-paying clients. It’s a hard truth but you need to hear it. The solution to landing top-paying wedding couples is simple, but it’s going to take hard, intentional work! 

So often we find ourselves looking for the next quick fix to level up our business. But just like duck-tape on a pipe, quick fixes don’t last and ultimately cost more time and money in the long run. 

Before we get into how to book more weddings, we need to switch our mindset from looking for “top paying clients” to looking for and connecting with our ideal clients who value our unique service or product enough to pay full price.

Once we flip our mindset, we can see the problem isn’t the high-paying clients who won’t book us. The problem is we aren’t targeting the right couples, or communicating our value to them well enough.

Now that we understand the real problem, we can focus on a real solution.

#1 – Identify Your Ideal Couple

In order to connect with your ideal couples – you need to know who they are! When I ask wedding pros who their ideal couple is, the most common responses are, “brides” and “any couple willing to pay my prices.”

If this is your answer too, its time to put in the hard work because…

If you are broad and generic when communicating who you want to work with, then you will attract a broad range of brides who ask generic questions like: “What are your prices?”

But when we know exactly who we want to work with, then we can communicate and show the dream wedding that our leads are looking for!

It’s time to think about the couples you want to work with (these aren’t necessarily the couples you have been working with). Ask yourself these questions:

  • What is most important to my ideal couple?
  • What would the perfect wedding look like to my ideal couple?
  • What personality does my ideal couple have?

#2 – Call them out by name (and use their lingo)

Now that you have identified your ideal client, its time to speak directly to them.

When a lead comes to your website, sees your ad, or finds your social media account, you want them to say:

“Finally! This is exactly what I’m looking for. I feel heard. I feel understood. No one else gets me the way you get me.”

Your leads will start to see themselves working with you. And once they see themselves working with you, it will be hard to work with anyone else!

#3 – Label Their Fears & Pain Points

What problem are your couples solving by hiring you? Maybe they know the day will go by all too quick and they don’t want to forget a moment (looking at you videographer). 

Maybe your couple wants every detail accounted for, without a decoration out of place.

Maybe your couple is laid back and wants to relax and enjoy their day without having to check the time or the schedule.

Or maybe your couple just wants the best food in town. 

Name your couple’s concerns head on and show them you are their solution – before they even contact you.

#4 – Paint the picture of their ideal wedding (aka share your value)

Are you selling what your couple is actually buying? Or are you trying to sell what you literally do?

As a venue, what you literally do is sweep the floors, prune the garden, wash the linens, and so, so, so much more! But your client isn’t buying this. Your couple is buying the experience.

If we are just telling them what we will do for them, they are going to get bored, fast. 

So instead of listing your “chores,” or equipment & specs (audio and visuals I’m looking at you), paint a picture of the experience your couples can expect. Let’s see the difference:

  1. We use the highest quality speakers and have access to the largest song library to play whatever you want! 


  1. As your favorite song comes on, you look at your partner and give their hand a squeeze. “Please welcome the newly weds!!!” You walk through the doors and see all your favorite people jamming along, celebrating your love story. From toast, to cake cutting and dancing, the schedule is taken care of so all you need to do is enjoy your first party married to your partner. 

Can you feel the difference? Did you picture yourself in the second description? Once your couples see themselves working with you, it’s going to be hard for them to go anywhere else!

 #5 – Strong Call to Action & Follow-Up

Your couple wants to work with you. It’s your job to make it as easy as possible for them to contact you and book with you when they are ready by having a clear call to action.

Now you’ve done the hard work to attract your ideal clients, don’t lose them by forgetting to follow up! Having a strong follow-up system in place will help you close book-now couples, and book later couples.

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