It’s January! You know what that means for the wedding business.

It’s prime engagement season, the bookings are happening and wedding pros have time in their “slow season” to set up an awesome year.

But how do you plan the best wedding season EVER?

It all starts with a yearly review of your wedding business.

That’s exactly what Bob Graham did, and he shares what’s working for his business in 5 Best Ways to Marketing Your Wedding Business in 2017.

Here are my biggest takeaways:

#1 – Review your lead sources.

You need to know your numbers! Not only the QUANTITY of leads, but the QUALITY.

Where did the high quality leads that actually book come from?

Drill down into those numbers. Use the 80/20 Rule to determine which venues or vendors sent those quality referrals.

#2 – Review your marketing efforts, free and paid.

What worked to generate leads this year?

It’s vitally important to track and record your successes so that you can keep doing them. Too many wedding pros quit doing what’s working because the leads are coming in…and then the leads stop coming.

#3 – Review the marketing that didn’t work.

Notice what you tried that didn’t get results. Where did it go wrong? What can you learn from it?

It’s easy to lump your failed efforts into one category and say, “Facebook Ads don’t work,” or the like, but that might not be the whole story.

Was it the strategy that didn’t work for you? Or was it faulty implementation?

In any case, don’t repeat the same approach. If you make another attempt, come up with at least 3 ways you can test and improve.

#4 – Double down on what’s already working.

Your best leads came in from bridal shows? Do more of them.

Two venues sent your very best clients? Send them a gift or give them a phone call. Find other wedding venues like them and repeat the strategy you used to create those relationships.

Getting bride and groom visitors from organic traffic to your website? Increase your blogging, strategic sharing and social media strategy.

Whatever you’re doing now that’s working is much more likely to work than a new marketing strategy that’s unproven.

#5 – Write down the actions you’ll take and schedule the time to do them.

A  yearly review alone won’t get you results. That’s going to take ACTION.

What will you do? When will you do it?

Book time on your calendar to work on each of the marketing strategies you’ve chosen. Revisit your marketing plan each month to stay on track.

Learn more about How to Plan a Kick Ass Wedding Season in this month’s Acceleration workshop here.

What are you doing this month to plan your wedding season?