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Question: How do I manage my client response emails when I have multiple team members?

“Hi Stephanie and the BMB team,

Just a query about personalising emails. We’re a tiny outfit and we share the response on customer service emails.  A lot of our customer service responses are sent out by Jugee my right hand lady and Customer Service “Team”!


When looking at personalising email responses, should all “new business” emails appear to come from me (Donna) from donna@ourwebsite…. with my photo etc. even though Jugee is writing the responses on some?


With existing brides all queries are funnelled through our info@ourwebsite… Mailbox.


I would be really interested to hear how you manage this with your businesses and whether you think the email signature below works?

Thanks very much!”


Answer: Consider your customer service experience first to determine the best way to respond.

Hi, Donna.

I love what you’ve done with your email signature!

Including your photo and links in an email signature has the following benefits:

You become a “real person” to the bride/groom, which makes you more likeable and increases the likelihood that they will respond.

You convey a brand image of friendliness and professionalism.  That’s stealth marketing!

A link to a compelling offer in your email signature encourages people who are inquiring to click through to your website; each action they take makes them more likely to book you.

Links to your social media account are an easy way to increase your fans and followers.

We even add a link to our YouTube welcome video because it shows up as a playable video for anyone who uses Gmail.  (See below.)


It really depends on you and the type of relationship you have with your clients.

Do your clients tend to form the closest relationship with you?  Or do they also form relationships with the other members of your team?

If you’re forming exclusive relationships with your clients, it’s perfectly okay to have members of your team “ghost write” your responses, signing them as if they were you.  As long as you’re confident in their response, that works just fine.

If your clients get to know all of your team members over time, it makes sense to have them sign their own names to their email response. As long as your clients have a positive, seamless experience, either method works.

I prefer to have my assistant sign her own name, even when responding to our general email at Book More Brides.  She does form relationships with our clients and it provides a more authentic experience.

More Tools For an Awesome Customer Service Experience

Gmail for multiple accounts – If you use Gmail to manage your email inbox, you can also set up individual emails and personal email signatures for each member of your team.  Jugee can select her email when sending the response so that her name and email signature appear at the bottom of the email.  Learn more about how to set up multiple email accounts in Gmail here.

HelpScout Customer Support – Another option to consider when multiple team members are responding to email is a service like HelpScout.  This allows you to keep track of each client’s email threads in a single place and allows all your team members to respond without losing track of anything.

The most important thing is that your response provides the best customer service response possible.  As long as that happens, it’s all good!

How do you manage your customer email?

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