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I recently read an article on Search Engine People called, “5 Rules in 5 Minutes to Get Permanently Better Performing Content” that inspired me to come up with some “rules” just for wedding professionals. Here goes…

1) Write for your ideal client.

If your market is weddings, you need to write blog posts and social media content for the people planning those weddings…brides.

(Yes, I know that grooms are involved in the planning, too, so don’t give me a hard time for being sexist. About 80% of the time, brides are the ones surfing, scanning and planning.)

Write ONLY topics of interest to him or her. Don’t wax philosophical about the glorious liver and onion sandwich you ate or the present little Johnny left in his diaper for you. Unless the brides you’re working with are into that.

If we’re talking about brides, topics of greatest interest are:

  • Wedding planning tips.
  • How to advice.
  • Reviews.
  • Wedding ideas and inspiration
  • .Lots of pretty wedding photos.

If you don’t know what your ideal clients like to read, ask them! Or search the most popular wedding blogs to find out what brides are into these days.

Don’t repeat “London videographer” a million times in each blog post just to get ranked. This looks like SPAM to a bride.

Write for your ideal clients first; then consider the search engines.

If you want to attract wedding clients with your content, make sure you’re writing just for them.

2) Write articles that are easy and attractive to read.

I’ve seen some amazing blog posts out there that no one will ever read. Why? Because it’s a bunch of text lumped together. Reading it looks like hard work.

If you want want brides to actually read the stuff you write, follow these tips for writing (many of which violate the rules you were taught in school):

  • Write short paragraphs containing no more than three sentences.
  • Write the way you speak, including sentence fragments, contractions and informal language.
  • Use headers, numbered and bulleted lists so it’s easy to scan your article.
  • Add photos (brides LOVE them!) and video.

It’s not enough just to write interesting content; it has to LOOK interesting, too, if you want anyone to read it.

3) Ask for comments and feedback.

People love to follow the herd. Brides and grooms are no different.

If an article or Facebook post has a bunch of comments, we’re much more likely to read it and leave our own comment. The most popular posts get the most views.

Write about something interesting, helpful or provocative, then ask, “What do YOU think?”

Get a conversation going. You’ll get more interaction, which means more readers, more traffic and more business for you.

4) Add social media share buttons to your website and blog.

Make it easy for people who visit your website to share what they like on Facebook, Twitter and Google +. Studies show that this can increase your website traffic by 3x! Providing your content is good, that is.

The search engines are increasingly using social media sharing to measure the popularity of a website. What does this mean for you?

The more your content gets shared on social media, the more ranking and visibility your website will have.

5) Include a Call to Action.

It’s wonderful to have a popular blog or Facebook page with lots of people commenting and visiting. But the whole point is to get leads and book weddings, right?

To do that, you need a big, fat CALL TO ACTION on every page. A “call to action” is simply a tempting invitation for the visitor to take the action you desire.

Types of calls to action include:

  • An invitation to email or call you.
  • An email opt-in form to get a free report or gift.
  • A button to click to visit a page or download a coupon.

You’ve done all the hard work of creating the content and getting the bride on the page; include a call to action that gets them one step closer to booking you.

Now I’m going to take my own advice. What do YOU think about these rules? Did I miss one?

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