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Sounds like quite a stretch, doesn’t it?  That’s the question Neal Howard of Atlanta’s Best DJ asked us last week.  But fortunately, Jeff and I like a challenge!

In our interview with Neal, you’ll learn…

• How to get potential clients to move from a cold lead list to a warm list.

• How to get potential clients to contact you.

• How to develop rapport via email.

• Why systematizing your sales cycle is better than flying by the seat of your pants marketing.

• Tips for communicating value.

• How to keep your calendar full and NOT compete on price.

So what are 5 actions you can take today to get more leads and book more weddings?

1. Send a follow up email or make a phone call to all the leads you received in the last two months.

A lot of times we forget to follow up with the leads we’ve already got coming in.  Responding once is rarely enough to book the wedding.

They liked you enough to email.  Follow up at least three times.  So dig through those leads from the last few months and contact them.  Chances are you’ll book a wedding from that bunch.

2. Customize an email response for your business including personalized information, links to resources and reviews, and a clear call to action that we talk about in this interview.

As a shortcut, download the Price Shopper email template and modify it to fit your business.  Keep it on your desktop and use it.

This will help you turn more of those email leads into meetings and booked weddings.  You’ll actually get brides to email you back!

3. Set your income and wedding goals for this year.

You need to know what your goal is before you can hit it!  Figure out how much money you want your business to make this year, how many weddings you need to book to get there and track your progress.

4. Call up one of your local wedding buddies and buy them lunch.  

Check-in with them and remind them you exist.  Help them out if you can.  This will start generating leads for you right away and develop a relationship that keeps them coming.

5. Write a “thank you” blog post about the venue you most want to be referred by and send the link in an email.  Talk about how wonderful they are to work with and mention some of their best features.

This will attract your ideal couples because the blog post includes local keyword.  Plus, you will be building a relationship with that venue that makes it more likely they will refer you in the future.

Use the subtle approach in your email.  Say, “I love working with you so much that I wrote a blog post about it to share with my brides.  But I want to make sure it’s okay that I link to your site.”

You can access the entire interview with Neal Howard here.

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What’s your best tip for getting more leads and bookings today?


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