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Does FREE marketing, the kind that actually works, even exist?

It’s true that marketing is going to cost you either time or money. But there are some amazing free wedding marketing resources you need to be taking advantage of.

What started out as “14 Free Wedding Marketing Websites” has grown to a list of more than 18 websites and 30 local business directories.

Before you start using these free marketing resources, there are some key things you need to know or you can mess this up. We’re going to tell you why this is important, which sites you simply MUST list yourself on, and the mistakes to avoid.

Do this right and it will bring you more leads. Do this wrong and all you’ll do is waste more of your precious time.

These directory sites and listings get a lot of website visitors and have a lot of activity. This means that typically they have a lot more visibility and ranking that your website does. When a bride or groom is searching, they’re more likely to find you on these higher ranking sites.

These websites and directories also act as multiple points of contact with the bride and groom, so that your business is everywhere.

Studies show that it takes 5-12 contacts with your business before they buy.

Every time they see you on a review site or a business listing, it gets them one step closer to booking you. Long story short: list your business on these sites and you will make more money!

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