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This article is just for our friends in the wedding venue and location business, by very special request. Of course, ALL wedding business people can use these tips, so keep on reading!

The first step to attracting more wedding clients is to step into the bride and groom’s shoes and start brainstorming.

Where do they go when planning the wedding? How can you meet them there?

When it comes to attracting more weddings at your venue, you need to be found as soon as they start planning the wedding, since the location is one of the first things that gets booked.

Creative Ways to Book More Weddings

1. Partner with other businesses the couple visits just BEFORE you.

Now if your business is a wedding venue, you’re one of the first stops on the wedding planning checklist. But there are a few businesses the bride gets to know before you…

Jewelry Stores – The engagement ring usually gets purchased before the question is popped and the date is set. Partner with a local jewelry store and make the soon-to-be engaged couple an enticing offer that puts your location top of their list.

Bridal Shops – Brides are notorious for shopping for a dress…even before he pops the question! This is a great place to introduce your venue to brides before any of your competitors.

Give your partners a voucher coupon to present to newly engaged couples that makes a special introduction to your venue as soon as the engagement is official.


  • A free romantic brunch or lunch at your venue.
  • An exclusive invitation to a wine tasting.
  • A wedding planning workshop hosted at your location.

If you target wedding businesses like these who work with similar clients in your budget range, you’ll get extremely warm leads delivered right to your door. Win them over, and you’ll book up your calendar.

2. Meet them online.

One of the biggest challenges a couple faces when planning a wedding is finding the right location. Consequently, it’s the #1 question asked in the chat rooms and the #1 search done online. They’re simply rabid for wedding venue ideas and reviews.

Be there online when they start the hunt for the perfect wedding venue.

Step 1 – Type the name of your local area followed by the word “weddings” or “wedding locations” into Google.

Example: Little Rock wedding locations, Dunedin weddings, Portland wedding venues

Step 2 – Make a note of the websites that come up on Page 1. Is your on the list? If not…

Step 3 – Get listed on as many of those websites as possible.

  • Advertise or list yourself on every site on Page 1.
  • Partner with those websites and businesses to get your venue listed there.
  • Write a guest blog post for them in exchange for a link to your website.

Step 4 – Get your location reviewed on local business directories.

Promote your venue on every local online hot spot and you’ll book more weddings.

3. Feature your Real Weddings everywhere.

Brides are addicted to real weddings, and they’re especially interested in seeing photos and reading reviews. Partner with a photographer to submit yours to wedding websites and blogs such as Style Me Pretty and the Knot. Try out this list of top wedding blogs for starters.

4. Run a Facebook or Google PPC Ad campaign.

Facebook Ads – These are much simpler to set up and run, so they’re a good place to start for pay per click beginners. Target demographics by Relationship Status (Engaged or In a Relationship), Interests (My Fiance), Age, Sex, even affluent zip codes in your area so that ONLY your prospective clients see your ads.

Google PPC – This is another way to get onto Page 1 of Google when brides and grooms are searching for locations in your area. WARNING: This is much more complicated and more difficult to do well than Facebook Ads, so please invest in PPC training or hire someone to help you. You’ll end up wasting time and money otherwise.

5. Use a venue management software to stay organized.

As you are driving more online traffic your way, use a venue management software to stay organized.

Our software platform is The Book More Brides CRM.  The automation feature makes it super easy to followup with your leads with proven email templates and text messages to maximize your bookings. It’s a must have tool for venue sales, and the interface is simple to use, even for those of us who aren’t tech savvy.

3 Simple Steps to More $$$

The key to getting your location in front of couples who are searching for a venue right NOW is to:

  1. Think like a bride/groom.
  2. Find out where they’re searching.
  3. Meet them there.

Use your creative genius to come up with even more ways to meet and wow those couples right from the start.

Ready to fill up 2021 and beyond with bookings?

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