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Keywords. Social Media. Blogging. Keeping up with everything you need to do to get your wedding business website in the good graces of Google can be exhausting. But it doesn’t have to be. Really, what Google is looking for from you is actually quite simple – be authentic and give your website visitors a great user experience.

Here are 4 ways you can make your wedding business website more appealing to the all-mighty Google:

1. Give visitors what they want

Have you ever typed something into the search bar, clicked on the top result and been frustrated because it was not what you expected to find? That is exactly what Google wants to avoid, so make sure that you are only using copy on your website that actually relates to what you are offering.

It may seem basic, but if you are a wedding DJ in Atlanta, your website copy should emphasize your location and service area and offer tips on selecting wedding music. Don’t add unnecessary keywords that are not directly related to what your site is about just to get more traffic.

2. Create great content and update it regularly

This is where having a blog on your website is essential. Keep your website content fresh by updating your blog at least 1-2 times per week. Your posts don’t have to be long, 200 words is fine but make sure the content is relevant and done well. Stuck on what to write? Check out the 5 Types of Blog Posts for Your Wedding Business for ideas.

3. Make your website easy to use

There is nothing worse than landing on a website only to be confused on how to find the information you are looking for, finding dead links or being distracted by auto-playing music. Make sure your website flows nicely and gives the user a great experience.

Wondering what people think of your site? You can get feedback into the usability of your website for free from Peek. You’ll also want to read Why Brides Leave Your Website and How to Fix It for mistakes to avoid.

 4. Prove that others like your site

Google looks for ‘social proof’ that people are finding your website useful. They want to see that people are sharing your content on social media, linking back to your site and generally liking what you have to offer.  Keep in mind all of this needs to be authentic – do not participate in reciprocal linking or start buying Facebook ‘likes’ to help your ranking. If you are following tips 1-3 above you should see social proof occur naturally.

Making your website Google-friendly isn’t hard – they even tell you what to do (and not to do) here but it does take some thought and preparation.

Which of these tips can you use for your wedding business website?

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