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We know we’re supposed to be networking and building relationships in order to grow our wedding business.  But are we doing it?

It’s really easy to get caught up in the everyday activities of running our business and the urgent (but likely unimportant) phone calls, emails and busy work.  But if we aren’t networking, we’re missing an essential element of business success.

What is “networking” anyway?

Networking is building meaningful, strategic partnerships and relationships with other businesses and wedding professionals.  You can network with other wedding vendors, related businesses, suppliers and even competitors.  The best networking relationship we ever had was with a DJ who was our direct competitor!

The networking relationships you build can send dozens, hundreds or even thousands of referrals.  These are the people who have a constant stream of brides and grooms they can send your way.

How much would you have to pay in bridal advertising to get that kind of referral power?

Relationships are gold.  Check out these 4 awesome networking tips from the Young Entrepreneur blog here: 4 Tips For Power Networking

Who can you build a money-making networking partnership with?

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