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What do wedding vendors want?

Last month we sent a survey to our wedding vendor friends
asking for their opinion about some freshy-fresh training ideas
we have in mind. We just HAD to find out what you want the
most, so we can give it to you.

Well, we read through every one of the hundreds of survey
responses to find out what you really want to know…

A big thanks to everyone who voted for their favorite!

The Most Popular Topics as Voted By Wedding Vendors

  • Dealing With Price Shoppers: 5 Strategies for Moving Past Price
  • Free and Cheap Marketing Strategies
  • Meeting Magic: Tricks and Strategies to Book More Weddings
  • Persuasive Pricing and Packages

Here’s the cool part…

We promised to create a FREE presentation on the #1 choice.

So here it is, by popular demand! The #1 most requested
topic that we’re going to give away FREE is…

Revealed in this video! That’s right; you’ve gotta actually watch the video below to find out.
The suspense is killing me!


Join Us on Tuesday July 24th at 7pm EDT!
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P.S. Don’t wait to watch this video because this opportunity
is extremely limited. Hint: only the first 100 get to take advantage of it!

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