by Gary

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A bride lead…because of a picture of a wedding cake on Facebook?

YES, this actually happened and no, I’m not a baker, cake designer or decorator.  I’m a DJ.  The bride happened to be friends with the person who designed the cake, and she discovered my DJ service by seeing the cake her friend had made.

With all the pinning this and pinning that, brides LOVE pictures of wedding ideas, decorations, cakes, flowers, and well, should I go on?

I strongly believe in using pictures on facebook status updates.  Every time you scroll through your facebook news feed, admit it, pictures grab your attention much faster than just text.  So, why not use this to your advantage and get brides’ attention?

How do you get the bride’s attention when she hasn’t even liked your Facebook page or even heard of you?

Since she’s planning a wedding, she most likely has facebook friends who are photographers, cake decorators or venue employees.  Try this simple idea the next few times you are at a wedding.

1. Find out who made the cake, who designed the flowers, what’s the name of the photographer, etc.

2. Friend those wedding vendors on Facebook.  (Make sure it’s the actual person, not just a page.)

3. Take pictures of the cake, flowers, or snap a few pictures where the photographer happens to be in the picture, or just general good quality pictures of the reception, whether it be guests dancing or pictures with lots of smiles.

4. Upload a picture or two from that wedding, TAG the vendors, mention what a great job they did, or how beautiful the cake or flowers looked.  You get the idea.  Make this either a photo album or just a status update.

What will happen when you do this?

When you tag people in your pictures and post them on Facebook, they will show up on a lot more news feeds, YES, more brides will see these pictures.  Not only will brides see them, YOUR facebook status or page will be the one they see it on, and there’s a good chance they will end up “liking” your page to see what other pictures you’ll post in the future.

Plus, you show professionalism by complimenting the other vendor and/or showing how you all worked together to create this amazing wedding reception.  This gives you more credibility and makes the bride more confident in booking you because of your attention to detail and proof that you work with other wedding vendors in making receptions successful.

Should you mention anything about booking your service, your prices or specials, or do anything to imply booking you in the pictures?

As odd as it may sound, NO, do not try to “sell” the bride with these pictures.  Let the pictures create a buzz on their own.

I am always amazed at how many brides, future potential brides, or just people in general end up adding a “like” to my business page just because they saw these kind of pictures.  The pictures should get a bride’s attention to place a call of action on their part to contact you.  Then it’s in your hands.

This is just one example of how to use facebook to your advantage.  Try it and see what happens.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering about the lead I received because of the picture of the wedding cake.  Yeah, I did get the lead AND booked the bride.

They used to say, “A picture speaks a thousand words;” however, I say today it’s more like, “A picture can reach a thousand brides.”

What do you think about getting leads with Facebook?

This awesome advice was shared by one of the brilliant members of our Book More Brides community who wishes to remain semi-anonymous and humble.  Thanks for sharing your brilliance, Gary from Nebraska!

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