By Al Harris, Mile Maker Images

Should you attend a bridal expo? Are they good or bad? This is a debate that usually starts a fire storm. So if you’re against them, quit reading here.

But if you are not, read on.

We attend any open house, any expo, any event where there’ll be brides. It’s my policy.

And I ALWAYS book at least one from each event. Always.

Step 1: Display amazing, show-stopping work.

My strategy is to show brides my amazing work and share my ability to disarm them. They want to know I can capture their moments. My large canvas prints of epic moments convey that part.


Step 2: Disarm them.

Now for disarming them.

I actually do it while I’m talking with them in the hectic show environment. I ask, “Are you enjoying the stress?”


Good. It’ll be worse on wedding day.

Or I ask, “Why are you here?”

We need a wedding photographer.

“Really? I know a great one! Would you like an introduction?” I extend my hand and introduce myself.

Then tell them that my light-hearted, goofy nature and high energy is what they get. I tell them I take my craft very seriously. They’ll be enough stress on wedding day without an uptight photographer.

One bride asked, “But what if I want an uptight photographer?”

I told her there are 14 other photographers at the show. I bet there’s more than one that’ll accommodate her.

But it’s not me.

I’ll give you all my energy all day. I’ll be helpful. I’ll help you see mistakes before they happen. I’ll climb, crawl or ascend to any spot to get the shot.

But I won’t add stress. Ever. I am the stress extractor.


Glad you asked. Because your stress will show up in every photo. The more light-hearted, whimsical and happy you are, the better your photos will be.

Don’t believe me? Ask any of these former brides.

Step 3: Have former brides at the booth with you.

I have 2 or 3 former brides with me at my shows. They can tell a story I can’t.

You’d be surprised how much they love getting to be a bride again for a minute, and bask in that moment — next to a big canvas of themselves.


Step 4: Host a giveaway contest at your booth.

I have a drawing to gather info for the follow up. On the give away card I ask ALL info be completed to win.

There are 5 key pieces of info:

  1. What is your wedding date?
  2. Have you selected a photographer?
  3. How soon will you select? (soon, very soon, today)
  4. How impressed are you with me? (considering, interested, very interested)
  5. Will you hire a planner?

All of this helps me hone in on my ideal client. That’s my formula for success.

What do you think?

al-harrisAl Harris is the owner of Mile Marker Images, the best value in Fine Art Wedding Photography and Portraiture in Knoxville, east Tennessee and the Smoky Mountain region. When shooting, Al is transformed into the unstoppable creator of epic images, capturing the memories of his couples with an irrepressible smile.