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By Bonnie Dannen

As a wedding professional, you have to be constantly on the lookout for new ways to attract more clients so you’re always booked.

With your profiles on social media, you’re probably already trying to reach out to everyone you can—word of mouth is the best advertisement, after all.

But there are some unique ways to get more brides to book you rather than your competitors. If you’re running out of ideas for how to attract more customers to your wedding business, check out these tips on how to use social networks to do so.

#1 – Feature Real Weddings & Events

On your Pinterest and Facebook pages, be sure to share pictures (and lots of them!) of events that you have planned.

People love being able to imagine what their weddings will look like, and it can be difficult to picture things when it’s presented simply as a text description.

Think about it: seeing a picture of the beautiful tablescapes covered in lush floral arrangements, paired with glimmering metallic tableware and sparkling stemware is a lot more enticing than, well, reading about it.

Show photos of different styles, venues, and overall themes, so that brides will know that you can accommodate any vision. Be sure to showcase new things you do or trends you notice in the events you plan—for instance, what types of centerpieces, menu items, or guest favors are you seeing more and more?

Let potential clients know that you’ve got your finger on the pulse of what’s hot in weddings.

#2 – Ask Your Fans and Past Customers for Input

People will never skip a chance to talk about themselves when asked, especially in the context of things like weddings. This is a great asset to you and your business.

Post polls on your profiles asking previous brides what some of their challenges were, what they liked most about their weddings, or anything else.

Simply showing that you have a lot of customer engagement can be enough to get potential clients to lean toward your services. After all, if people like you enough to keep coming back even after their weddings to discuss the work you did for them, new clients know they can expect the same level of satisfaction.

#3 – Show Off Your Favorite Vendors

Help out fellow industry leaders and show off some of the work that your favorite vendors do. Be sure to include vendors like:

•    Florists
•    Caterers
•    Designers
•    Linen suppliers
•    Makeup artists
•    Hair stylists
•    Bridal salons
•    Musicians & DJs
•    Officiants
•    Photographers

Not only does this show brides and potential clients that you’re not solely focused on promoting yourself, but it also gives them inspiration to see what some of the vendors you feature are doing.

Then, when you book new clients, be sure to pitch those vendors’ services to the brides—they did, of course, choose to book with you for a reason.

#4 – Mix Up Your Media

Instead of featuring just blog posts or text content, showcase different forms of media to different brides.

For instance, post things like short videos (either promotional or real-event recaps), slideshows, trend alerts, and even giveaways or contests.

Giving people a reason to keep coming back to your site will ensure that those existing visitors will spread the word and get more people to check out your services.

bonnie-dannenBonnie Dannen is the President and co-founder of BBJ Linen, a premier linen rental company offering fashion-forward table linen and accessories for the event industry. Since starting the company in 1983 with her college friend Judy Goldberg, Bonnie has helped lead the company to become the largest special event linen rental company in the United States.