writing notes

When you are writing you are always selling something, whether it be a product or an idea. As a result understanding and using some basic sales tactics is crucial in getting the information to appeal and connect with your audience.

Get to know your reader like they are someone you know personally. Figure out what makes them tick – where are they from, and what matters to them. The tiny details are crucial – why do they do what they do down to the reason they would prefer hearts over butterflies. Jaelithe encourages people to find the correct solution to their reader’s problems regardless of whether it is initially beneficial for you.

Have you ever run across an article or blog that is supposed to be about one subject, but it rambles on about useless information for so long that you give up move on to find the information elsewhere? Most readers have the same viewpoint, so you want to make sure that you avoid useless content.

Remember that no matter what you write, it needs to be focused on your audience. They are the ones who will determine whether what you write will bring you business, or hurt your company.

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