4 Easy Ways to Sneak

It’s frustrating to see your competitor’s blogs ahead of yours in the Google results when it’s almost impossible to read their blog posts due to keyword stuffing.

How can you compete but still have a readable blog? Let me share 4 into your wedding blog posts without distracting your readers.

#1 Way to Sneak Local Keywords Into Your Wedding Blog: SUBHEADINGS

The above subheading is an example of one of my favorite ways to add naturally add local keywords to a blog post….simply use the phrase IN your subheading.

I could have written: “#1 – USE SUBHEADINGS,” but instead I re-used this article’s keyword phrase!

Here’s another example: in my wedding blog posts, I always use the same format week in and week out. In each post, I have “The Ceremony,” “The Reception,” and “The Playlist” subheadings. At least one of these subheadings I will tailor to the specific post, so it becomes “The Red Barn Ranch Wedding Reception.”

subheading example

#2 Way to Sneak Local Keywords Into Your Wedding Blog: CAPTIONS

When you post those gorgeous bouquet or cake photos, be sure the caption includes your local keyword phrase.

I like to use something like, “Bo + Mo’s naked three-tiered strawberry cake @ their San Diego Marriott wedding reception.”

You also want to be sure to title your images “San Diego Marriott wedding cake” (or your keyword phrase) before you even upload them to your blog. Nothing better than a local keyword phrase that only Google sees when it comes to readability, right?

#3 Way to Sneak Local Keywords Into Your Wedding Blog: THANK YOU

In my real wedding blog posts, I like to use the keyword formula [city] + [venue name] + [wedding]…so “San Diego Marriott wedding.”

However, I still try to include at least two keyword phrases in each post that contain “DJ” (photographer, coordinator, etc). I basically use the same gracious start to each blog post: “Of all the San Diego wedding DJs in the county, Bonnie + Joe chose me to DJ and MC their low-key Cafe Stoked wedding on February 20, 2016.”

This phrasing helps me avoid awkward phrases like: “I was a San Diego Marriott wedding DJ this weekend,” or “This San Diego wedding DJ was at the Marriott last weekend.”

For my closing sentence, I return to being gracious: “Again, I was honored to be the one and only San Diego wedding DJ Bo + Mo trusted with their big day. Thank you! See more at #bomo2016wedding.”

#4 Way to Sneak Local Keywords Into Your Wedding Blog: THE CREDITS

You are no doubt familiar with the standard form for blog posts in the wedding industry—ending with a section crediting all of the pros who contributed to that couple’s big day.

Instead of just writing out their names/websites in small font at the bottom of each post, you can use “[Your City] + Wedding Vendor List” as the subheading and even add this sentence between the subheading and the vendor list:

“Here is the amazing team of San Diego wedding vendors I had the pleasure of working with on Saturday.”

A necessary sentence? No…the subheading is pretty self-explanatory, but it certainly isn’t disrupting the readability!

There’s no reason to sacrifice the readability of your blog in order to keep a competitive edge with use of local keywords.

sneaking in readable local keywords

I’d love to hear what tricks you all use to sneak readable local keywords into your blogs—let me know in the comment section below.