We recently surveyed the wedding pro friends of Book More Brides to learn their best wedding planning tip to share with brides and grooms.  A few of them sent strategies for wedding vendors instead.

While that wasn’t exactly what we were looking for, these tips were WAY too good to pass up!  Check out these awesome tips from the wedding pros who use them.

Strategy 1

#1 – Winning Strategy to Easily Stand Out, Network and Book

I find that a lot of couples will pick their photographer first. When this is the case and I am the first vendor that they come into contact with, I suggest that they develop a wedding planning binder.  Of course I will offer them a binder that I have created complete with my logo!

I am always prepared to give them a “resource sheet” complete with other local vendors that I recommend.  I include florists, bands, DJ’s, caterers, cake bakers and even venues, if needed.

As a wedding photographer, I believe in the value of wedding pictures so if a couple doesn’t choose to hire me, I will prepare them another list of other fabulous photographers in my area that they can contact. This really impresses couples and to me it defines good customer service!!!

Lauren Vick, The Looking Glass Photography

#2 – Strategy for Booking Bridal Show Leads

At bridal shows, I preempt the price question by asking first, “Do you know what you are looking for in a photographer?” (This can be used for any wedding vendor.)

If they say NO, I ask them if they would like some tips. Everyone say yes. I then give them tips, such as check out 2-3 photographers and see who best matches your personality and style. If they say YES, they tell me. I then show how we match what they are looking for.

I end either discussion with asking for a meeting, or, failing that, permission to call to set up a meeting.  At a recent show where we spoke to some 150 brides, only 1 asked about price. Over 10% of those who filled out the entry form for a prize said yes to getting a call.

Charles Flum, Flum focus Photography

#3 – Time Saving Billing Tool

Greener Billing is the absolute best estimate, invoice, and billing system I have come across (and I did a lot of research and tried several before settling on this one!).  It isn’t free, but it only costs about $15/mo, and it pays for itself many times over.

You can save all of your frequently used products and services, along with the description and price, and then create estimates for your brides using a drop down menu of your products and services, which you can also edit on the fly. Then once the client books, you can convert that estimate to an invoice with one click.

The system will also send billing due date reminders, past due notices, etc, and it creates professional PDF invoices with your logo, payment slips for check payments…I could go on and on.

I remember creating estimates and invoices in MS Word when we got started, and it is comical how long that took (and how much more room for error there was) compared to Greener Billing. I am not an affiliate or anything and have no ties to Greener Billing, other than being a happy customer. I wish someone had told me about them years ago!

Jeff Copeland, Simple Weddings

What’s your best wedding business success tip?

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