Triple Wedding Leads Blog

Doubling or even tripling your wedding leads is easier than you think.

I’m not just blowing sunshine up your wazoo here. We work with wedding pros every day, and our first goal is to optimize what they’ve already got to increase leads and bookings.

We look for the simple, easy changes that can double or even triple your results without spending a penny.

This is what we call “low hanging fruit.” You don’t have to climb to the top of the tree to pluck these babies; it’s simple and fast.

If you do take these actions, it WILL boost your business with little effort.

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Strategy #1 – Fix your follow up.

This is by far the most common place wedding pros are losing bookings. If you’re not following up at least 5x, you’re losing money!

The good news is that it’s also super easy to fix. Event Temple makes booking more of your leads even easier.

Strategy #2 – Capture more leads with a free giveaway.

Ever see those forms on people’s websites offering a freebie in exchange for your email address? Yep, there’s one on this very page. 🙂

Know why you see them all the time? They work.

96% of your website visitors aren’t ready to buy from you yet. Capture them as real leads so you can follow up until they are ready to buy.

Strategy #3 – Create content that attracts your ideal clients that tweaks their biggest pain points.

Not just any free giveaway will do. It has to be something your ideal couples want.

Fortunately, you don’t have to guess whether or not your content will work as “bait.” Survey your clients and spy on them online using a Google Forum search to learn their biggest pain points.

Make your content about that and it will be irresistible.

Ready For More Proven Wedding Marketing Strategies?

Even implementing just ONE of these strategies in your wedding business will get you results. And we’re just getting started!

Learn more strategies you can use to attract quality leads and book more of the weddings you want in our upcoming Summit. Attendance is totally free and totally awesome. 🙂