wedding at the beachQuestion: Most of the couples in my area are NOT my target clients.  How can I find the couples who are looking for my services?


I love your website. I am a Certified Celebrant and Wedding Officiant based in Miami, FL. I am just starting out and specialize in writing and performing wedding ceremonies for the religiously unaffiliated, interfaith and secular market. Unfortunately, there is a very limited local market in Miami (as most brides get married in the Catholic Church due to large Cuban/Spanish demographic).

So I am wondering how I can target destination brides coming to South Florida and who are more progressive and religiously unaffiliated? I’m concerned this market may be very difficult to reach…so would appreciate ANY suggestions.”


Answer: Find out where your target couples are going to plan their weddings and meet them there.

Hi, Lucie!

The fastest way to target destination wedding couples is to find out where these couples are going to plan their weddings and meet them there.

Three strategies come to mind:

#1 – Other wedding businesses who specialize in South Florida destination weddings.

The venues, wedding planners and photographers who are serving these couples have lots of potential referrals to send your way.  Focus on building relationships with these businesses.

1. Identify 5-10 of these businesses who work with destination weddings.

2. Follow them on Facebook as your business page and personal profile, on Twitter, connect with them on LinkedIn.

3. Start commenting, sharing and retweeting their posts on social media to get on their radar.

4. Find out what networking groups they belong to and meet them there.

5. When you are introduced, tell them you admire their business (be specific) and ask if they have advice to give about how you can work with more clients like the ones they attract.  Then listen. 

6. Ask them what challenges and opportunities their business is facing.  Listen and find a way to help them.

7. Follow up after your introduction with a personal note, share a resource or something of value, and keep in touch.

 #2 – Get your business listed on the websites that come up on Page 1 of Google for search terms your couples are using, such as, “South Florida destination wedding.”

These are the websites brides and grooms planning a destination wedding in your area are going to find when they start searching and planning online.  You want them to find you, too.

Websites on page 1 for these terms that offer paid advertising may be a good investment.  But don’t overlook the other businesses that come up!

Offer to write a guest blog post for these businesses about destination wedding topics in exchange for a link to your website discretely included in your byline.  This puts you in front of very targeted destination wedding leads.

#3 – Blog 2-3 times per week about topics of interest to destination wedding couples to become the #1 resource they find.

Couples planning at a distance are looking for specific information: the best venues in the area, photo locations, tips about South Florida weather, accommodations for out of town guests, activities, etc.  Share what you know and become a resource.

That regular content on your blog, when combined with smart use of local keyword phrases in the titles of your blog posts and within the articles themselves, will attract lots of destination wedding traffic.

You can also combine this with networking by inviting other destination wedding specialists in your area to write for you, or interviewing them and featuring them on your blog.

These strategies will help you bypass the couples who aren’t interested in your services and powerfully target the ones who are looking for you.

What do you think?

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7 thoughts on “3 Strategies to Powerfully Attract Your Ideal Wedding Clients”

  1. Nav says:


    This is Nav, I work with event decor company and now a days the target market audience that we are looking for is difficult to get as most of the brides go for cheap decor. Could you advice ways to increase wedding decor business in Ontario especially GTA.

    1. Paula Suda says:

      Great question, Nav! This is exactly why we started Book More Brides — to help small business owners in the wedding industry find more leads and close more sales. Since we don’t know which strategies you are already taking, it’s hard to give you concrete advice here. We invite you to join our Wedding Business Acceleration membership, where you can get access to a ton of online resources and join our private Facebook group where you can pick our brains. Check it out at:

  2. Sheri says:

    I need your help I’m just starting a business as a wedding coordinator in Jamaica could you please help me find a way to find out different travel agencies that help destination brides.

    1. – Google the phrase “destination wedding travel” and see what comes up for starters.

      – Contact your local wedding associations to get introductions.

      – Use these strategies for non-local businesses:

  3. Pramit Patel says:


    I am a CEO of a new Travel company that provides luxurious travel services to Greece, including destination weddings. Can you advice me on how to attract clients to visit me for there planning of Destination wedding.


  4. Lilieth says:

    Thank you for these vital advice i’ll surely use them. there’s lots to learn in the wedding business.

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