breaking the rules

I confess: I loved English in high school.  I even liked diagramming sentences and learning about dangling participles.

Did I mention that I’m a major geek, too?

But I had to throw out everything I learned about perfect grammar when it comes to writing on the internet.  The rules are different in cyberspace.

Not to mention the fact that our attention spans are shrinking and instant gratification is the catch of the day.

Check out this blog post from Portent Interactive that reveals the 3 English rules you should break and the 3 you should keep here: English Degrees and Internet Copywriting

The most important factor in communication is not following the rules, it’s being understood and getting the result that you want.  Using informal language and writing the way you speak, even when it’s not technically “correct,” is sometimes the best way to convey your meaning.

Which makes me wonder…what else am I doing that is technically correct but ISN’T working for me?

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