I’ll never forget the thoughts I had at the first bridal show I attended: excitement mixed with trepidation with a huge smattering of cynicism.


As I was meandering through the different rooms, I came across a limo company that was going on about how they provide a red carpet walk-up to the limo and champagne for the couple. They had an attentive guest and were really touting that service.

As I overheard what they were saying I rolled my eyes, left the table, and thought to myself, “Oh, come on, it’s just a car to get you from point A to point B.  Brides will fall for anything, and I’m sure they’re charging a fortune for that, too.”

(I told you I had a smattering of cynicism.)

Fast-forward to about a year-and-a-half after that, and this bride did just that!

I booked a limo, albeit from a different company, with a red carpet walk-up and champagne.

Champagne Toast


Brindis via photopin (license)

Here’s why I bought the “extras”

#1 – Mind frame.

At least from my personal experience, it takes a while for a bride to absorb the process of booking vendors for her wedding. Brides are in research mode for a while sorting through everything in their minds and checking you out on your website.

Is the service something they really need? Is it something they want? Can they afford it? What do they really want their wedding day to be like?

At that first show, I wasn’t ready to book anything. In fact, I wasn’t even quite sure what to expect at a bridal show. Everything was so new to me, hence the cynicism.

#2 – Product knowledge.

When I overheard that conversation, I had joined in halfway through a discussion this vendor was having with a potential bride and therefore missed everything he had to say about his fabulous fleet of cars. I heard the details first.

So, in my mind, I’m thinking, “I’m not going to spend such and such amount for carpet and champagne.”

Remember to sell your service first.

A bride wants to know she is going to get exceptional service from you. Then she wants to know the extras, because it’s those extras that are going to make brides even more excited to book you.

#3 – Feeling special.

Once a bride has a connection with you and everything is lining up — she likes your services, your prices, your personality, she can really see you being part of her team — what is going to send her over the top is the details.

Make sure that you not only tell her in person or over the phone what those special details are, but make sure they are on your website as well.

Details also make a huge difference in marketing. Then, it doesn’t seem like she’s buying a service, but rather in her mind, she’s booking someone who is going to take the time to appreciate the importance of her day.

Brides know they aren’t the only ones getting married on that particular day, but they certainly want to feel like they are. In fact, one of the top ten things couples hate about wedding pros is that they feel like they are just another booking.

Every vendor I worked with offered something special.

My hair salon gave me a full lipstick of the color I was wearing that day…and you know what? Every time I wear it, it brings me back to that place and time.

My florist put a beautiful crystal butterfly pin in my bouquet, which I still have in my jewelry box. Our photographer, DJ, limo company — everyone did something to make us feel special, and that is something you can’t put a price on.

What is your special detail?

What is your special touch you give couples to make them feel special? Have you ever noticed you made or lost a sale based on details you did or did not have?