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If you are like most wedding pros, you probably have a few different packages or levels of service you offer to your clients, even if they are customized at the end. So what should you do when you’ve put together a killer package that you’d love to sell, yet the higher price tag is driving clients away to lower cost options?

This article for KissMetrics shares nine ways to make your expensive product or service look like a total steal.

Here are 3 pricing tips that you can use for your wedding packages:

1. Create an even more expensive package

Use the contrast effect to position your pricing to your benefit by adding a similar but more expensive package or service level to the mix. This makes the option that you want to sell appear to be more reasonable. If you don’t already have multiple packages, you’ll want to put together 3 options, with the one you want to sell in the middle. 

You can do this with custom quotes as well – give the client 3 options, adding in a higher priced version to make the middle one more appealing. Of course your packages and pricing should always reflect the level of value and service that you give the client.

2. Increase the perceived value

Most brides and grooms are getting married for the first time and just aren’t sure what things cost. They don’t understand the value they are getting – so show them. Increase the perceived value of your packages by showing them what goes into creating your service so that the pricing feels more reasonable.

Photographers don’t just “show up on the day and take photos” –  there is a lot of work behind the scenes that the client never sees. They are paying for years of experience, top of the line equipment, pre and post production work and your unique artistic eye to capture their big day. But if you don’t convey that to the client, a photo becomes ‘just a photo’.

3. Use social proof to normalize your pricing

One of the best ways to normalize your higher priced packages is to use social proof to show that others are buying them. Make sure to use those testimonials or reviews from past clients in all of your marketing materials.

When meeting with prospects, show them what you did for other clients who bought the package you want to sell. Try to include images of your couples with their testimonials so that prospects can relate to them.

What pricing strategies do you use in your wedding business?

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4 thoughts on “3 Pricing Tips for Your Higher Cost Packages”

  1. GE says:

    Here’s a pricing strategy I used:

    3 options, one of which was based on the Decoy Effect which Dan Ariely describes in his book “Predictably Irrational.” I loaded the offer with a very irresistible bonus. So that’s like triple psychology at work here. Trotted that out to an after wedding album sale.

    Turned into a five figure album sale.

    Oh and one more thing. You have to go for the price you want. If you never say that’s how much it is, people aren’t going to voluntarily hand you more.

    1. Brenna Catalano Rhoades says:

      Great tip, thanks for sharing!

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