Question: How Can I Get My Video to Page 1 of Google in the UK?

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Hi Guys

Seasons greeting to you both.

I have a question about your recent blog and offer on youtube videos. I’ve noticed youtube videos rarely show up in google searches here, so using them as a means of achieving ‘page 1’ status isn’t working.

Do any of your contacts understand this, I’ve asked around without success. My theory is most in the UK will use and youtube being a .com  is seen as not local despite any keywords etc.  Shame cos I really love it as a mechanism and do quite a few, at least having them on the website means they stay longer when they do visit. Our latest one is on our homepage if you fancy a sneaky peek!



Hi, Jon.

I did some digging on this for you, and it seems you’re not the only one in the UK who is having trouble getting their Youtube videos ranked on Page 1 of

It’s pretty easy to get a video ranked on Page 1 of for a local market because there is so little competition.  The rules do appear to be a little different for the UK.

I couldn’t find anyone giving specific advice on the differences, so I do believe you’ve uncovered an opportunity!

I did some Googling on and found very few search terms with video results.  However, if you type in “rank local youtube video on google” you’ll find several.

Also, if you flip to a video search, Youtube videos are showing up at the top for all searches; they just aren’t blended into the Page 1 results on Google very often.

So it CAN be done.  These videos seem to be optimizing the same way as the method recommended in Video Traffic Academy training that works on My suspicion is that it takes more backlinks to make it work.

Here’s what I’d try in addition to the regular video optimization:

    1. Get more backlinks from other high page rank UK websites.


    1. Make sure you’re optimizing with local UK keyword phrases.


  1. Add a video sitemap to your website.  Some of the videos I noticed on Page 1 were not on YouTube, so a video sitemap likely helped them get there.

If you try any of this, please let me know how it goes.  I’m very curious!

Thanks again for writing in!


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