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By Christine Dyer, Bridal Tweet

Whether you are developing a website, advertisement, email, or Facebook post, it is critical that you tap into both the emotional and rational needs of engaged couples. The key is to understand what those needs are.

For wedding marketing to be effective, I believe it must satisfy these three needs:

1. Establish trust (emotional need).

Trust must be created in the few seconds that it takes a person to evaluate your website/advertisement/blog/etc. To create instant trust, ensure that your marketing looks professional.

The design and wording needs to be beautiful, clear and concise. Remember – typos are unacceptable.

And finally, you can establish trust by showcasing reviews, testimonials and award that you’ve received.

How can you establish trust on your website?

2. Create that special feeling (emotional need).

For many engaged couples, their wedding is something that they’ve anticipated their entire lives.

Be in tune with how important this event is by using words and phrases like “exclusive,” “congratulations” and “limited edition.”

Your marketing needs to make brides feel extra special. It needs to suggest to a bride that she is about to have a truly unique experience – one that other wedding vendors are not necessarily providing.

What are you saying in your ads, on your website, or in your blog to make brides feel extra special?

3. Provide a resolution (rational need).

When you do an Internet search, nine times out of ten you’re looking for the answer to a question or solution to a problem. The same applies to couples who land on your website.

Make the first few seconds count by quickly giving couples what they’re looking for. To do this, be sure to first get a clear understanding of your ideal clients’ needs by learning about the latest wedding trends.

To help you, download this free wedding trends report I’ve put together.

In this new report, you’ll learn:

  • 20 predictions for wedding trends that will appear in 2019
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What wedding trends are you focusing on in 2019?

Please share your thoughts below.

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