Hey, wedding pro. I’ve got a question for you. How important is marketing to you for your wedding business?

Is it something that you see as an absolute must do, or is it something that’s kind of like, whenever I get around to it, you know, whenever I have a little extra cash lying around, which, you know, spoiler alert, never happens? Right?

Well, today I want to talk with you about three activities that you absolutely must do for your wedding business if you want to see it succeed, and grow, if you want more bookings in your wedding business and more qualified leads, there are three things that you absolutely must do on a regular basis and it’s going to be a huge game changer for your wedding business when you have these things in place. Let’s do this.

I wanted to talk with you guys about three marketing must-dos that you absolutely have to do for your wedding business.And so just to give you a little background, a little context, this is my jam. This is what I do. This is what I went to school for. It’s what I have spent over twenty years doing – marketing and public relations.

And no matter what kind of business you have, there are three things you absolutely have to do for your business. But now that, you know, since we own Book More Brides, I know how to break this down specifically for the wedding industry because our industry is unique. Right? We can’t really take strategies from other industries exactly the same way. The way that we talk to our couples is going to be very different from how a manufacturing company talks to suppliers. It’s gonna be very different from the way that someone who sells clothing speaks to their customers. We have to know the right way to speak to our couples. That’s a whole other topic. I’ll get into that another time. We have to make sure that we have the right messaging, which means basically the right words to attract the right kinds of couples. So I’ll get into that in another one. 

Today, I really wanted to focus on the marketing must do’s things you absolutely have to do for your wedding business on a regular basis. because something I first want to kind of challenge you on before we get into this is, are you really in your wedding business? Like, are you planning on growing it, seeing it succeed, wanting to have more couples that you’re serving, wanting to have this be your full-time role if it isn’t already? And if it is your full-time role, do you want to be bringing in more income? Do you want it to be more successful than what it is right now?

If you do, fantastic. That’s why you’re here because that is what we do. We teach you how to make sure that you are treating your wedding business like a business. And what that means is making sure that you have the right information, the right tools, and knowing how to do this because most of us didn’t go to school for this. Most of us didn’t get a business degree, didn’t get a marketing degree, those kinds of things. But that’s why we’re here. To help you with all those things. So..

Three marketing must-dos that you absolutely have to do for your business.

1). The very first thing that you need to do is market!

Sounds silly, but I can’t tell you how many wedding business owners we talk to on a regular basis and we ask them, “so what’s your what are you doing for marketing right now?” They’re like, “oh, yeah, just kind of, word-of-mouth, you know, like, past clients will refer me or, you know, I tried an ad, I don’t know, a couple months ago and, you know, saw how that didn’t really do anything for me.” You have to have an actual marketing strategy. You have to be out there on a regular basis.

And I know that word-of-mouth can be very convenient, right? Like you serve some couples and they’re absolutely thrilled. I trust that that you’re a great wedding pro and you are serving your couples like crazy and they’re so happy with you. And they should be going out and telling people, right, you should be getting amazing reviews and that should be helping your wedding business.

But it can’t be the only thing you are relying on.

I had a very smart, very successful six-figure wedding pro, multi-opp. owner who I was working with. And he said some very wise words to me that I will never forget. And I want to share with you. He said, if your business is built on word-of-mouth, it’s going to die simply because we can’t rely on other people to do marketing for us.

We can’t rely on other couples to just continuously sing our praises and count on them to bring us more business. We have to be in charge of this. We have to do it for ourselves because it’s our business, it’s our role, and it’s something that we should be excited to do because we get to tell the story.

Excuse me. We get to be the ones that are showing how we are able to serve our couples like crazy, how we’re gonna give them the exact wedding, the exact experience that they want for their wedding. So when you have the right mindset and the right frame of mind that, you know, marketing isn’t essential for your wedding business, it’s not as nice to do, it’s not all well if I ever get around to it, or when I have some extra money…

No, you absolutely have to be marketing your wedding business or it’s not really a business. It’s really just a hobby at that point. Because if we’re not putting the effort into it to make it grow and to get it out there in front of more people, then it’s never gonna work. It’s going to die. Just like that wedding pro said. He was so right about that. 

So that’s the very first thing that you need to do is think about. You have to be in the mindset you have to be marketing your wedding business. Because also here’s another example. Think about every big company you’ve ever seen in the world. Coca-Cola, Mercedes, Gap, Nike, and any of these major brands that are out there. Do they just kind of get famous and then sit back? Or are you constantly seeing, commercials on TV? Are you constantly getting pop-ups, You know, things that are being fed to you on Instagram or on TikTok? Are you constantly seeing things in magazines or billboards or anything like that?

Yes, you are! Even the biggest brands in the world continue to market their wedding business, My gosh, I’m so excited talking to you guys about wedding businesses. They continue to market their business on a regular basis because they know that it’s necessary. That’s how you keep a business running. So just remember that you definitely have to market your business on a regular basis. That’s number one. 

Number two is making sure that you have…

2). Strategies and a plan to grow your business in both fast and slow ways. 

Let me explain what I mean by that. The slow ways are things like SEO, like Google search. People searching online just organically for you, just all on their own, not being fed something.

That is blogging, it’s posting on Instagram. It is participating, in Facebook bridal groups, it’s going to wedding shows, although that’s kind of an in-between strategy. Either way, those are the methods where you are going out there and you are doing something, which is good, but these are very slow strategies, meaning you’re not going to really see the results of them for quite some time. You’re not going to get that immediate return or that immediate response, both to you directly but also in your income, or in your calendar, and seeing those bookings add up and seeing, more people coming to you on a regular basis. That’s a really slow and steady strategy. 

Once again, just like word-of-mouth, we can’t rely on them to be all that we’re doing for our wedding business. And actually, word-of-mouth is also one of those, those strategies.

Fast strategies are really things like driving ads to us. It’s, making sure that you are getting in front of people with paid placements, like on WeddingWire, on The Knot, on Web Pro, all those kinds of things. Those are the fast strategies because it means that you do something, you put some money into it, you put some effort into it, and it, like, gets an immediate response or it should at least!

And the best way to kind of think of it is that a lot of the free methods of marketing your wedding business, those are the slow methods. And the fast methods tend to be the paid methods. It’s just kind of the way it goes. So you need to have a plan for both. You can’t rely all on one or all on the other. Like I said, slow strategies, that’s something that’s going to take a while before you start to see a return.

But if you only rely on fast strategies, well, that’s only gonna be dependent on how much money you can throw at something.  And unless you’re just rolling in cash and you’ve got tons of money to invest in your wedding business, which I’m guessing on a regular basis, you don’t, like consistently, like years, for years at a time, then that is not gonna work as its standalone strategy either because it’s always gonna be dependent on how much money you can put into it. You need to have both going because if you’ve got the fast ones going, that’s gonna be the faster return, which should get you more bookings, which will allow you to have your calendar filled up and allow those slow methods to catch up and fill in.

It’s kind of like,  if you’re in line for something like a queue and they eventually, kind of come up to the front of the line, that’s what those slow methods do, but you need somebody to start the line. And those are the fast methods. I hope that makes sense.

Just making sure that you have both of those things going. That’s number two.

The third thing that you really need to make sure you absolutely have to be doing for your wedding business is,

3). Having a plan for both the buy now and the buy later couples.

If you’re new to us and you’re just learning about those terms, we talk about this all the time that is a core foundation to what we teach at Book More Brides are the buy now and the buy later couples.

Buy now couples are the ones who are ready to buy now, They have done their research, they’ve done their homework, and they are ready to make a decision on whatever area that you offer your service area for their wedding. They’ve done their work and they’re ready to go! But that’s the key there. They did the work and that’s not going to happen overnight.  It’s going to take some time before they’re going to feel confident about choosing one person for this one area for the biggest day of their life. You know this. You know the weight that our couples put on this day because it is super special, one of the most important days that they’ll ever have in their entire lives.

So they’re not gonna make decisions lightly. They’re going to do research. They’re not gonna see an ad immediately even though, you know, paid strategies work. They’re not gonna see that ad immediately and then take action if they’re newly engaged. No. The people that that’s gonna work with are the ones who have been doing some research for a while. They’ve been looking at different businesses, different, wedding pros, and they’ve come to a point, whatever that might be for them, we don’t know when it is, But whatever that point may be, they’re like, okay, I’m ready to make a decision. I’m ready to move forward.

So a lot of times those paid ad strategies work great for those couples because you’re trying to attract and pull in and get in front of the couples who have done their research and are feeling confident about what it is that they want for this area of their wedding. However, this is a very, very small percentage of your local market. Like literally one to three percent is what the research shows. Okay. One to three percent at any given time is all you’re going to get from buy-now couples in your local area.

So the problem is what about everybody else?

Those are the buy-later couples. And just so that we’re being clear here, you’re never going to have a hundred percent of your local market because not everybody is getting married at the same time and needing your service. Okay? So going back to the research on that, that’s around twelve to fifteen percent in total is what you have to work with in terms of people who are engaged, looking to hire for, this area that you offer for their wedding.

So if we’ve got one to three percent covered with those buy-now couples, well, then what about the buy-later couples? They’re the ones who are interested in what you have to offer and they’re going to be buying for this area or very likely going to be buying for this area of their wedding at some point in the future. But we just don’t know when. We don’t know when that’s gonna happen when they’re gonna tip over. So you do need to have a strategy to not only stand out and attract those people, bring them in, get them excited to want to learn more about you, but then to stay in front of them and to continue to reach out to them and help them to understand why you’re gonna be the right one for them.

Even if they go out and look for others in the area, even if they’re having other conversations, you need to set the bar high enough that they’re comparing others to you. This is exactly what we teach you at Bookmorebrides.com because this is the game changer when you know how to stand out in front of your couples, whether they are a buy now or buy later, whether you’re using fast or slow methods. No matter what marketing you are doing, you have to be able to stand out and have the right words for the right couples.

So that way, when they come to you, they’re already pre-warmed. They’re already feeling like, okay, this person’s sounding pretty good. I’m pretty excited about this And they just need to ask a couple of questions that are very specific to their wedding date and what they want for their specific wedding.

When Are Wedding Couples Ready To Buy Your Service?

On average, seventy-five percent of their questions have been answered when you have the right words and the right messaging to get them excited about what you have to offer and about wanting to get into a sales call with you. So that way, when they get there, and so many wedding pros tell us in our community that if you can just get them to a sales call, you can close them because you know and you’re confident that you’re a great wedding pro and that you can give them what they want, then they’ve already got the bulk of the things answered and all they have to do is – that’s where you build that relationship, And that’s where you make that connection – and now they’re excited to choose you and to feel very confident that this is the right choice and to move over from a buy later to a buy now!

So those are your three marketing must-dos that you absolutely have to continuously do for your wedding business. If you have any questions about how to make that happen, if you are ready to make this a regular practice in your wedding business, this is exactly what we do. We teach you marketing so that you get in front of the right couples and then the words that are going to get them to book. So if you have any questions on that, if you’re ready to make that happen, comment below.We’ll reach out to you, get you some more information, and set up a call. Let’s have a conversation about it. I hope this is helpful for you today.