Confession: I am obsessed with email.

I’m obsessed with learning what gets people to OPEN emails, CLICK through and take ACTION.

3 Killer Email Subjects

It’s part of my mission to reveal the secrets of capturing more leads and turning them into booked weddings with “wicked smart” follow up that works.

Your email subject is the #1 factor determining whether your email gets opened or deleted.

I keep a folder of “Killer Email Subjects” to feed my obsession.  Here are a few of my favorite email subjects and what you can learn from them to get brides and grooms to open your emails.

Killer Email Subject #1 – The Curiosity Killer

Subject: DUDE…I Was attacked!

This got my attention immediately.  Any reference to “dude” sends me back to high school, and how could I NOT open to find out how he survived the “attack?”

Why It’s Steal Worthy:

  • It grabs attention with a sensational word.  They include emotional sensational words like, breakthrough, secret, scandal, killer, dangerous, new.
  • It mentions “bad news.”  Our brains are wired to be on the constant lookout for potential threats.  That’s why we can’t look away from car accidents.  Even though we know better, we’re compelled to open this email.
  • It arouses curiosity and makes us want to know more.  It gets us thinking, “What kind of attack is he talking about?  What does this mean?”  By nature, we’re a curious species and we’re going to open to uncover the mystery.

Examples for the Wedding Business:

Don’t fall for this wedding gown ripoff.

My story of bad luck means good news for your wedding.

How a dog ruined this bride’s wedding.

Proceed With Caution:

  • This technique must be used sparingly.  If every email you send has a sensational headline, it’s emotional overkill.  You’ll get spam complaints, angry brides and it certainly won’t book you any weddings.
  • Make sure your email content matches the subject.  If you attach a sensational email subject to an email about folding your laundry, it creates distrust.  Only use the Curiosity Killer if you’re prepared to follow through.
  • Don’t go too negative.  Getting attention and tweaking the underlying fear of the bride/groom is powerful marketing, but turn it into a positive so they don’t learn to associate that negativity with your business.

Killer Email Subject #2 – The Ego Killer

Subject: Letter for Stephanie Padovani (Important)

Do I even need to explain why I was compelled to open this one?  It’s important, for Jeeves’ sake!

Why It’s Steal Worthy:

  • It’s about my favorite subject: ME.  They say a person’s favorite word is her name, and it’s true.  It literally jumps out of the inbox and opening is irresistible.
  • It uses urgent language.  Important, urgent, final notice: all of these words command attention immediately…even when we know it’s a marketing tactic, it’s tough to resist.
  • It’s personal.  It’s written as if the sender is writing something just for me.  In the email world, that’s as rare as getting a handwritten note.

Examples for the Wedding Business:

For Jane Doe

About Jane’s wedding on June 21st, 2014

Important note about your wedding at the Castle Manor

Proceed with Caution:

  • Don’t overuse names.  As effective as using a person’s name in the subject can be, it’s become so common as an email marketing strategy that it can work against you.  Use sparingly and only when it makes sense.
  • If your headline indicates urgency, follow through with an urgent offer.  Your email has to live up to its expectation.  A “final notice” should indeed be the last notice of a time sensitive offer or you risk looking like a hypocrite.
  • Be careful to use the correct personal data.  Misspell the bride’s name or use the wrong date, and she’ll be sure NOT to hire the wedding pro who couldn’t even keep her name straight.

Killer Email Subject #3 – The Solution Slayer

Subject: How to Get Almost 100% of Your Clients to Write You a Testimonial

Woah!  I want to know the topic of this email, don’t you?  It made opening it a no brainer.

Why It’s Steal Worthy:

  • It’s all about the benefit.  When your subject is about exactly what your brides and grooms want right now, they won’t be able to keep themselves from opening your email.
  • It uses the phrase, “how to.”  Headlines that include “How To” are immediately more valuable.
  • It includes a number.  Specific numbers and percentages increase the value of your email subject because they are more real and actionable than a vague offer.

Examples for the Wedding Business:

How to Plan an Unforgettable Bahamas Destination Wedding

3 Secrets to Look Your Most Gorgeous on Your Wedding Day

How to guarantee that your wedding guests dance all night

Proceed with Caution:

  • Focus on the benefit your couple wants, not the benefit for you.  Your email subject won’t be nearly as effective if you don’t nail the benefit.  For example, How to Hire a Wedding Photographer is an okay subject, but couples don’t really WANT to hire a wedding photographer; they HAVE to hire one to get what they really want…gorgeous photos.  How to Get Gorgeous Wedding Photos Without Spending a Fortune is much more compelling.
  • Deliver on the promise of your subject.  If you promise an amazing benefit, you have to follow through or you’ll destroy your chances of booking the wedding.
  • Don’t get lazy when it comes to your email subjects.  Be creative and adapt these killer email subject strategies to book more weddings.

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