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The #1 question we get from wedding vendors is, without a doubt…

How can I get more leads?

Before I answer with a wise ass comment like, “What do I look like, a lead vending machine?” we really can’t answer that question, not really, really well, until we know a little more about you.

But if I were a wedding vendor (wait a second, I AM a wedding vendor!) and if I needed to get more leads right now, as in TODAY, here’s what I would do.

How to Get More Leads Today

1) Start dating your wedding vendor friends.

You have friends in the wedding business, don’t you? When was the last time you called them up? Asked them to lunch? Sent them a referral?

Other wedding vendors are the best place to find an endless stream of leads. So if you want to start getting more today, get our your Rolodex and contact them!

Hint: don’t make your lunch date a pitch fest. Instead, find out what you can do to help them first. This makes them feel an unconscious pressure to return the favor and do something nice for you.

Kinda cool when you can use psychology like that, eh?

2) Check your in box.

In our expose’ on the 10 Fatal Follow Up Mistakes of Wedding Vendors we revealed the disturbing truth that 80% of sales are made AFTER at least 5 contacts.

How did you follow up with your leads? Have you followed up in multiple mediums: email, phone, direct mail?

If that leads you already have in your hands have NOT heard from you at least five times in multiple formats…it’s time to follow up again.

Go through your inbox and pour through your email inquiries from the last two months. Listen to those old voice mail messages.

Think of an interesting, compelling way to follow up with them. Be different and give them a reason to want to respond.

I guarantee you have a real lead in there somewhere.

3) Spend some time with friends…social media “friends,” that is.

You can start attracting bride leads TODAY by going to where they hang out online and helping them out. Facebook is the easiest place to try this out.

Find the local Facebook business pages that have lots of bride fans and make sure you “like” that page as YOUR business. Check out the conversation and contribute to it by posting as your business page, if you have one.

Whatever you do, DON’T directly promote your business! Give the page owner a compliment, answer a question, share a cool resource brides like such as a link to a cool Real Wedding blog post.

You can even ask a provocative question such as, “What do you think about brides wearing colored wedding dresses? Would you do it?”

Network with other wedding vendors online, too. Use the same strategy of doing something nice for them first: like their posts, leave a comment, share their words of wisdom. They’ll return the favor and spread the word about you.

When you start showing off your personality and expertise in the places where brides hang out…in a non-promotional way…they’ll click through to your page. They’re curious about what you do and if they like what they see they may even “like” or friend you. Heck, they may even visit your website, if you give them a good enough reason.

Those are leads just waiting to be found.

Getting More Leads, the Next Generation

Those are the 3 things I would do if I had a wedding business and I needed to get some more leads coming in TODAY. These methods require no money and you probably already have everything you need to do them.

However, they aren’t the “big pay-off” strategies. The strategies that lead to a flood of leads and booked weddings take more than a day to pull off. But they’re still pretty easy.

Want to Learn How to Capture More of the Leads You’re Missing Out On?

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