piggy-bankThe new year has arrived and I’m starting my annual things to get done list. I’ve never been big on New Years resolutions, maybe because I’ve been guilty of blowing so many off in the past.

So a while back I re-branded: now it’s my New Years Master List! Resolutions I apparently have no problem ignoring, but a MASTER LIST…Hell, that’s serious enough to keep my attention!

The list this year has a combination of personal and business goals, as usual, but this time around I’m putting a little bit more intention into areas of conservation. No, I’m not talking about being a good sport and recycling my empty tuna cans, I’m talking about saving some money.

Who doesn’t like to save? Every buck you save is a buck earned (well. not always, but that’s a different topic.)

I believe EVERYONE has an expense in their life that could be dumped with out any real hardship. Finding these funds to free up isn’t very hard; it just takes a little focus. I have no doubt that there is somewhere you are pissing some cash away. Time to plug the leak!

Here are a couple of moves that will net us some easy savings this year…

Since it’s only Steph and I signed up for health insurance and we’re pretty darn healthy, I had our annual deductable raised to $1200.00.

Savings = $200.00 per month

I called our insurance agent who handles our home, car and business insurance and did a few minor tweaks in our policies.

Savings = $ 50 per month

I’ve never really used my phone for much more than calling, since I work from home and use the internet on my computer. I went back to a “dumb” flip phone. This one I’m not completely sure of yet, but its pretty easy to upgrade if I just can’t live with out it!

Savings = $40 per month

That’s $290.00 per month or $3480.00 per year saved.

Wow! Not bad and I didn’t even break a sweat. It’s like I just found a vacation or money to put away for a rainy day. My mom would be so proud.

Where can you save?

You and I both know you can. There are opportunities all around you.

Do you really need all those premium channels? How often do you eat out? P.S. It’s probably not doing your health any good anyway. Take a look at where you bank. They might be nickle and diming you to death with fees costing you hundreds or even thousands. We changed banks a few years back and saved a ton.

All it takes is opening your eyes and taking a little action. Not only could you open up some funds for something that will have a real impact on your life, but you will be creating a new habit that will result in a fortune over a life time.

So, what are you willing to cut this year? I would love to hear some of your ideas. Please leave a comment below and help your fellow wedding vendors bottom line.

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0 thoughts on “3 Easy Ways to Discover Hidden Cash in 2012”

  1. Ran an analysis of all of those paid wedding advertisements we run. Dumped the ones that don’t bring in the revenue and/or don’t bring in our ideal client. Not only did I save money, now I can save time by focusing on learning how to use the all of the new features in the ads we really want to keep. And then we can “book more brides!”

    Rev. Sherry

    Rev. Sherry

    1. Jeff Padovani says:

      This is probably one of the biggest leaks for wedding pros. Is that paid Wedding Wire ad actually performing better than a free listing? Time to carefully examine all those advertising investments, are you really getting a return?

  2. Julie says:

    downgraded my cable package and saved $35 a month! Its a start. Thanks for the great ideas!

    1. Jeff Padovani says:

      Steph has been wanting to dump all the premium channels for years, my hyperventilating reaction has been my only defense!

  3. trish says:

    I got rid of my home phone. I now only have my cell. I really didn’t need both. For my personal bank contacts etc…the ones that share information…I give my office phone number. Save $50 per month

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