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Did you know getting your wedding business mentioned in the press can be a simple as reading and responding to an email?  Well it can be if you use HARO, which stands for ‘Help a Reporter Out’.  It is a free daily email service that connects reporters, blogs and publications to people that can provide information for stories (that’s you!) Replying to these queries from reporters could lead to you and your business being quoted or featured in their articles.

How you can use HARO to get press:

1: Sign up to get the daily HARO alerts

Go to and sign up for the master email list. You’ll start receiving 3 HARO emails per weekday, which will have queries from reporters in different categories. Though you can opt-in to certain categories only, signing up for the master category list is the best way to go.

2: Scan the daily emails and identify opportunities

When the emails arrive in your inbox, scan the summary at the top of each email for any interesting opportunities where you might be able to provide your expertise. Wedding-related queries tend to be in the General or Lifestyle section, but don’t discount other categories as you never know where you’ll be able to help and get mentioned.

This is what a typical HARO email category section looks like:

HARO query
The listings are numbered for easy reference. When you see something that you think is a good fit, click on it and it will take you to the full query.

3: Send in a reply when you can help

The query will give instructions on how to reply. Make sure to follow the directions exactly and respond as quickly as possible, paying attention to the deadline noted.

There may be lots of opportunities where you can provide your expertise, but not all of them will be the right fit and worth your time. Ask yourself these questions before submitting a reply:

  • Can you provide the specific information asked for by the deadline?
  • Is the publication something that your ideal client would read?
  • Would being mentioned increase your standing in your industry?

If the answer is yes, then go for it!

The Waiting Game

Sometimes the reporter will email you for more information, other times you won’t get a reply at all. It really depends on the media outlet.

While not all of your replies to queries will lead to press, we’ve heard many success stories of businesses getting featured on major sites like the Huffington Post, CNN, Brides Magazine and more so it is worth making the effort!

Make sure you have a Google Alert set up with both your name and business name just in case to monitor any press mentions.

Have you used HARO and gotten press from it? Tell us below!

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