Unlike most wedding trend reports, which give you trends from the previous year, the Thumbtack 2016 Wedding Trends Report reveals the biggest trends in weddings for 2016. This is great for wedding venues and wedding vendors, as it helps you tweak your service to fit the needs of couples and ultimately help you book more weddings.

If you have the advantage of knowing what they want, you can provide that for them, making you stand out amongst the competition.

According to the report, there are four big trends this year.

#1 – Wedding Themes

2016 Wedding Trends
photo credit: Vintage Gown (license)

Old Hollywood
Luxurious vintage

Think “Great Gatsby” here.

Weddings are going to include details such as sequins, feathers and luxe vintage details, like classic car rentals. Couples want wedding videos captured in a Hollywood cinematographic way, worthy of the Academy Awards®. Makeup is going bold and glamorous with bright lipstick and smoky eyes, and brides will be wearing vintage and glamourous accessories, such as tiaras, flowers in their hair and accent clips for that old Hollywood look.

#2 – Spending

Real Cost of a Wedding in 2016 - Thumbtack Wedding Trends Report
Courtesy https://thumbtack.com/weddings/#weddingsreport

Overall, spending is up. Couples will be spending more on add-ons including:

  • Reception upgrades, such as entertainment services and photo booths.
  • Coordination services: More couples are requesting even more help from wedding planners especially with regards to venue selection and RSVP management.
  • Engagement photos: While spending on wedding photography will remain the same, the average couple will spend roughly $250 for destination engagement shoots like on the beach, at theme parks or in their favorite cities.
  • Dinners will be formal, multicourse dinners.
  • Floral embellishments because they want flowers used in more places throughout their wedding, including down the aisle, on the cake and cake table, sign-in table, etc.
  • Videography: Couples wanting a cinematic masterpiece are hiring videographers for the entire wedding from first thing in the morning to late at night, and even sometimes for the rehearsal dinner.

#3 – Colors


photo credit: flowers via photopin (license)

Bursts of colors are going to be trending this year. Watch for pops of reds, blues, and yellows, with neutrals, such as grey tying them all together.

These bursts of color will be found in all aspects of the wedding day, including:

  • Flower choices
  • Ceremony décor
  • Candy buffets
  • Makeup

Thumbtack predicts a 75% increase in brides requesting glamorous and bold looks versus last year. Which, as I mentioned earlier, includes bright lipstick and smoky eyes.

#4 – Personalization

Personalization is nothing new in weddings, but the way it is presented is changing. No more do you see over-the-top monograms.

Personalization will be subtle and fun, including details like:

  • Photo booths with custom props, video booths or graffiti walls
  • Culturally infused food that represents the couple’s heritage
  • Songs and dances native to the couple’s culture
  • Religious or cultural traditions during the ceremony
  • Sharing personal anecdotes throughout the day

Do you agree with these trends? Are there any trends you would like to add to this list based on what you’ve been seeing your couples ask for?

Source: https://thumbtack.com/weddings/#weddingsreport