wedding trend

In the wedding industry, like in any business, you want to prosper and succeed. But that can become difficult when you have to rely on somebody to choose you out of the many, many options that are out there.

So how do you stand out and book more brides? Well, one way is to use the current and upcoming wedding trends in your favor.

How? It’s actually not too hard.  First, you need to familiarize yourself with the trends.

The Return of Classic Elegance

This year is leaning a little more towards classy and elegant with black tie and long gowns really taking center stage.  Along with this comes the luxurious flowers like peonies and the garden flower, but brides are no longer placing them in giant center pieces. Oh no, that is out this year.  Instead, brides are really enjoying garlands made out of practically anything, paper included.

Non-Traditional Touches

Another item that is no longer “in” is the plain invitation. Brides are loving 3D, images, patterns, neon borders, and foil stamping.

Along with these non-traditional invitations being “in” are the cakes. One major look for cakes this year is a neutral cake with one pop of color, like a bright blow. On the other hand, the other major look is a cake that uses eye-popping color or all-over appliqués.

Upscale Meal Choices

While the invites and cake might be fun and really pop out, the food is quite sophisticated with many gold table settings and plated food.  Pork is in the spotlight as the dish of choice while many brides are opting for artisanal cocktails.

Okay so you are probably thinking all of this is great but how does this help me?

Using Trends to Book More Weddings

Well, now you are familiar with the trends. Have you ever looked at somebody and knew exactly what type of car they drove based on the decade style of their clothes?

Think of your business as your car.  Brides constantly worry about style.

If you represent yourself as being in the know by showing pictures featuring current trends and are able to discuss current weddings you’ve planned, you are more likely to gain their trust.

Trends on Social Media

Make sure you are on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Pinterest is a great place to display your knowledge of current trends by dedicating a board to them.  Tweet about trends and open discussions about new trends you see on Facebook.   You may even want to write blog posts about different trends in the fashion industry. The up and coming generations are more likely to trust your company and therefore hire you if you have an online presence.

Social media on its own is a trend that plays a giant role in the wedding industry.

DIY Wedding Trends

So does crafting.  DIY crafts including name cards, invitations, and garlands (among other things) are still huge hit with brides.

Roll up your sleeves and learn some of these crafts so you can share them with your brides. I’m sure they will repay you by posting pictures for others to see. That’s how you get referrals, is it not?

What wedding trends are you seeing this year?