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What will this next year hold for the wedding industry?  Will the newest styles and trends will knock our socks off…or leave us gagging?

I’ve scoured the Cyberverse in my quest for the latest 2013 wedding predictions far and wide.  Welcome to the wild, wacky world of this year’s wedding trends.

#1 – Bold, Intense Use of Color

Colors that pop are predicted across the board.  You’ll see bursts of color in bridesmaids gowns, accessories, decor and on the cake.

Mint green is the darling of the moment, but all shades of green are hot.  Just check out Pinterest for image after image of minty green goodness.

The Huffington Post also predicts a surge in neutral palette wedding themes.  Really?  I hope they give our photographer friends something to work with other than white on beige. Yawn.

#2 – Vintage Nods to the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s

Brides will continue their love affair with vintage by exploring the sexy sophistication of 20’s, 30’s and 40’s style.  The uber-popular series Downton Abbey and the upcoming remake of The Great Gatsby are feeding this trend.A wedding cake with lace accents and flowers on top.

#3 – Lace, Lace and More Lace!

Nothing says romantic, vintage sophistication like lace.  Wedding pros and experts predict that lace will appear on gowns (mimicking Kate Middleton’s dress), on the cake, on invitations and more.

#4 – More DIY.  Say It Ain’t So!

Couples will continue to pursue increasing complex do it yourself wedding projects.  Bridal Tweet’s wedding fortune tellers point out that Pinterest’s rising popularity makes DIY accessible.  As brides attempt more complex projects such as attire, some wedding experts believe they will recruit wedding vendors for assistance rather than doing it all on their own.

#5 – Patterns, Prints and Chevron.

Emerging wedding trends are all about pattern: gingham, polka dots, paisley and the sweetheart of bridal style, chevron.  (Will you think less of me if I admit that I thought chevron was an oil slick?)

#6 – Groom Involvement and Spending Increases.

Yes, ladies, the groom is getting more involved!  2013 sees him not just pretending to pay attention while you show him color swatches; he also becomes more active in spending on other parts of the wedding, especially his attire, accessories and groomsmen’s swag.

#7 – “Wed Tech” is Invited to the Wedding.

Technology and social media continues to leave its thumbprint on the weddings of the younger generation.  Couples will have Skype toasts at their weddings and invite guests to attend “virtually” via live streaming and broadcasting.  In addition, couples will use wedding apps and social media in their planning, and encourage guests to use photo sharing apps instead of disposable cameras.

#8 – Customization: Unique, Unusual, Non-Traditional Venues and Entertainment.

Couples are searching for ways to make their weddings more unique, personal and FUN.  This will result in more non-traditional wedding venues and entertainment options.  Think: museums, barns and zoos.  Mariachi bands, belly dancers, piano men and Celtic dancers.

Hitch’d predicts the rise of the “Unwedding” as couples explore smaller, more intimate and less traditional options for the wedding…along with a corresponding collective whine from wedding vendors who are no longer wanted or needed.  (Hey, they said it, not me.)

#9 – Wedding Dresses with Pockets!

Yes!  This is my favorite predicted wedding gown trend, and I hope, hope, hope it comes true.  As a gal who’s at a loss without pockets to thrust my hands into (Grandma, forgive unlady-like me) I rejoice.

Other predicted gown trends include: two as one gowns, still more lace, laser cut, bustier and gold colored wedding gowns.

#10 – Camping Wedding Themes.

Really, I say?  Who knew Matthew McConaughey was a bridal trend setter?

Apparently, we can expect to see imitators embracing a camping wedding theme trend with their choice of venue (rustic cabin, anyone?) and decor (pine needles, birch bark and woodchucks.)

#11 – Food Trucks ‘R Us.

Couples feature food trucks at the wedding to delight guests with vending carts delivering popcorn, ice cream, grilled cheese and even vegan sandwiches.

#12 – Less is More Or a Return to Formality Normality?

Here’s where the experts disagree.  Some experts predict a continued focus on budget and simplicity; others see an increase in elaborate spending and formal weddings that harkens back to pre-Recession days.

I take the middle on this one.  I suspect luxury brides will begin testing out displays of elegance and extravagance again, now that it’s no longer verboten to show off your cash abundance.  Low and mid-budget brides will still mind their wallets, using DIY to attempt the more glamorous trappings of their high-end sisters, as budgets slowly creep upwards.

More articles sourced for this piece include Wedding Blogs 100, Wedding Republic and She Finds.

Steph’s Wedding Business Predictions for 2013

#13 – Smart and Savvy Vendors Win.

I’ll take a shot at my own prediction for lucky #13.  The wedding vendors who embrace these trends and the challenges they bring will forge new paths to prosperity in 2013.  They will pioneer new collaborations between their wedding expertise and DIY, and integrate emerging trends and technology to intense delight their couples.

Those pros who waste their energy complaining, lecturing and fighting these changes will lose the battle and gradually fade into the background, whining, wasted and BROKE.

What do you predict for weddings in 2013?

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