by Danielle Tate

couple saying thank you

As busy wedding professionals, we all juggle multiple schedules, projects and trying to meet each and every one of our clients’ needs.  Whether you deal with brides directly or online, it can be overwhelming and if you really analyze it, quite draining to be the best in the wedding biz on a daily basis.

In the midst of all of this stress, many professionals start to forget that clients are something to be thankful for.

The simple act of remembering to be thankful for your brides is the key to maintaining a great attitude and generating referrals and positive reviews for your business.

In our culture of instant online communication, it can be easy to keep up with a client’s demands without any warmth or appreciation shining through.

When was the last time you told a bride that you were thankful to have them as a client and to be a part of their special day?  If your answer isn’t “today,” you’ve got some work to do.
If you want to really make a positive impression that a bride will share with her engaged friends, you need to incorporate thankfulness into your day to day transactions.

Say Thank You and Earn Referrals

•    Consider adding a byline to your email signature that expresses how happy you are to work with your clients.

•    Changing your voicemail to include how thankful you are.

•    Tweet or Facebook that you are delighted to be working with Miss XYZ.  That bride will instantly feel important and her friends will see that she’s working with a professional who values her business.

•    Write each bride a thank you note and include a token gift as you finish working with her.
The gift shows that you are appreciative of her patronage AND reminds her about how amazing her experience was.  This physical gift/reminder will help boost your referrals and reviews, especially if you ask the recipient to recommend you to her friends and family within your note.

Remember, we reward people and companies that make us feel special with referrals and reviews.  Actively practicing the attitude of thankfulness will instantly separate you from your competition and result in more brides that want to work with you!

danielleDanielle Tate is the founder and president of, a name change expert, author of a top newlywed blog, bridal magazine contributor and on-camera personality.  Looking for the perfect thank you gift for your brides? Give them a MissNowMrs gift card to save them 13 hours on their transition from Miss to Mrs.!

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