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One of the top questions we get from wedding pros is “why hasn’t the bride responded to my email?” Especially if they were the ones who asked for information – why are they not responding?

There are two possible reasons you may not have considered: they didn’t get your email, or they didn’t even open it.

Think about all the email messages you get every day – a good amount of emails you wanted to read probably ended up either in your junk or spam folders. The same could be happening with your emails.

What if she did receive it, but just didn’t open it? If she submitted an inquiry through your contact form she won’t know what email address to expect. This is why the sender’s name and subject of the email are critical – it determines whether or not she opens or deletes it.

Think this could be happening with your wedding business emails?

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Do you have brides that don’t respond to emails? What do you do about it?

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