Last night I attended a networking event for startups. 

A dozen new startup businesses stood by tiny tables with displays at the sides of the room, while other entrepreneurs walked by.

One sign in particular caught my eye:

“When was the last time you felt SEEN?”

Woah. Powerful question! (And if you know me, you know that questions are my favorite.)

I simply had to speak with the business owner.

During a chat with Ashley of the I See You Company, I learned about their product, and more importantly, the movement behind it.

Their product is a candle and bow kit that can be affixed to the top of a coffee mug, box, cake or whatever as a means of recognizing someone by saying, “I see you.”

Most of us rarely, if ever, truly feel SEEN.

This company isn’t really selling a product — you can easily buy a bow and candle at the Dollar Store.

They’re selling an emotional experience.

Their product is simply a vehicle for the message of “I see you,” taking a moment to acknowledge the people around you.

This is what inspires me most about marketing: it’s a way of creating the change you desire in the world.

I had a second extraordinary business experience this week.

I’m a huge fan of Tim Ferriss’ podcast. (You might have noticed that I reference his episodes frequently in my blog posts.)

A couple months ago, he did an experiment switching from his advertiser-supported podcast to subscriber donations.

I’ve received so much value from his podcast over the years that donating was a no brainer.

Well, the experiment ended early because it seems most of his listeners actually prefer the advertising-supported model.

As promised, Tim refunded the donations.

Here’s the part that made me squeal with delight…

In addition to refunding 100% of my donation, Tim Ferriss also sent me an Amazon gift certificate for the same amount.

Check it out:

My donation was returned 100 fold!

If I was a fan before, but you oughta see me now.

So I’m pondering these gorgeous examples this week and asking myself…

What emotional experience can you give to your clients that really lets them feel SEEN?

What can you do to surprise and delight that’s completely unexpected and unnecessary?

This is how what you do becomes your marketing. 

This is how you create raving fans who tell everyone they know about what you’re doing.

#1 – Create a powerful experience for your clients.

#2 – Communicate that emotional experience through your marketing with story, passion and purpose.

#3 – Go above and beyond to far exceed their expectations.

#4 – Watch your clients become your best sales people.

I don’t have this one implemented yet, but you better believe I’m pondering and scheming my way to it.

If you can deliver an unforgettable experience — and you can — why not?

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