It’s almost time for the ball to drop as we celebrate the arrival of the New Year 2019.

I can hardly believe it!

Since I kicked New Year’s resolutions to the curb years ago because they’re both inauthentic and ineffective, I prefer to sashay into 2019 a little differently.

The end of the year is the perfect time for a Year in Review.

Take stock of what worked and what didn’t in 2018.

For better or for worse, what have you learned from it and what will you do differently?

This exercise one comes courtesy of Tim Ferriss.

2018: The Year in Review

  1. Grab a notepad and create two columns: POSITIVE and NEGATIVE.
  2. Go through your calendar from the last year and look at each week.
  3. Jot down on the pad any people or activities or commitments that triggered peak positive or negative emotions for that month. Put them into the appropriate columns.
  4. Once you’ve gone through the past year, look at your notepad list and ask, “What 20% of each column produced the most reliable or powerful peaks?”
  5. Take your top 20% of positives and schedule more of them in the new year. Get them on the calendar now!
  6. Take your 20% negatives and put them on a “Not To Do List.” These are the people and things you *know* make you miserable, so don’t put them on your calendar!

Word of the Year

I’ve seen plenty of post floating across my Facebook feed asking, “What’s your word of the year?”

This can be a powerful way to set an intention as we cross the threshold into a new year.

The word I’m choosing is FLOW.

Flow is a state of going with the current of the universe, rather than against it. It’s also the happiness that occurs when we are so engrossed and present with what we’re doing that we literally lose track of time.

Flow also occurs when you are just outside your comfort zone.

That’s what I’m creating for 2019.

How about you?

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