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I came across this cool blog today that I can completely relate to!  And I betcha 100% of every E-mail user can say they’ve made at least half of these mistakes…including you!

How many times have you sent an E-mail without the intended attachment?  I am guilty of doing this at least once a day!  Or how about E-mailing when you’re angry?  Once that “Send” button has been pressed…well, you can’t ever get that back.

It is important to strive for extreme attention to detail in the E-mails you are sending for your wedding business.  Of course we are all human so mistakes are going to be made, but if we watch for these specific mistakes, the outcome will be much more successful!

18 Common Work E-mail Mistakes is a very useful – and important – blog post!!

What’re some E-mail mistakes you’ve made?  C’mon, you know you’ve made them!

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