Are you a writer? Just what I thought, me neither.

What! How can this be?

Yeah, I’m a blogger who struggles as a writer. That’s right world, deal with it!

I’m a voracious reader, learner, dreamer and schemer (I prefer strategist).  Whenever I man the keyboard I’m sweating bullets.  I just wasn’t born with the writer gene.

I watch my girl Stephanie pump out a kick ass article in no time flat while I sit in front of the keyboard trying to create words from the chaotic tsunami of thoughts in my head.  It eventually starts to flow, albeit the preverbal molasses in February, but flow it does!

Look, its almost impossible to escape the chore of writing as part of the work you do.  If your marketing on the internet, pictures alone won’t cut it. Since I’m your good buddy I thought I would share a blog post that lays out 12 strategies for my fellow writing challenged friends.