So, a day or so ago I sat here writing, and directing you to a blog, telling you all about what NOT to do in business.  Want to lose your customers?  Do this.

Today, I’m going to expand on that and tell you what you absolutely need to do to keep those brides and grooms coming back…and telling all their friends about you, too!thumbs up

Like I’ve said – and 100% believe – going that extra mile for your customers reaps so many rewards!

Would you like to work with a company that has completely exceeded your expectations?  Where you were served with a smile?  Where they were honest with you?

Yeah.  Me too.

See, there’s this one very basic piece of advice I received as a child and that I firmly live by today.  It works in everyday life.  It works in the grocery store.  It works at your child’s school.  It works at the doctor’s office.  And, yes, it works in your business, too.

Treat People How You Want to be Treated.

It may not be immediate, but you will be rewarded.  You will.  Start those rewards by reading about these 10 great business practices!

Share with me some great experiences you’ve had!

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