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If you are a small wedding business and need to keep you expenses down it is likely that you will at some point look into hiring a virtual team of people to help you get everything done. Managing that team is going to be quite different than having a team that works with in the office however.

One of the top things that will help both sides in working together is to have open communication, having clear directions for what you need done, and having at least two ways of contact open at all times. The most obvious communication is going to happen through email, but having IM, VOIP, or even a phone number where they can contact you is extremely beneficial to helping things get done.

Thursday Bram recommend in her article about running virtual teams that you make sure that when you communicate a project with your team that you also set a deadline, and are detail about what you expect how the project will turn out. Also try to give them a reasonable amount of time to get the project done. Nothing frustrates a virtual team more than never having enough time to get a project done.

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