In my daily perusing of the interwebs, usually in search of truth, insight or just mindless entertainment, I came across a blog post on a subject that’s been nagging at me quite a bit lately.

You can read it here: 11 things my life doesn’t need

Being rather vulnerable to distraction, you have no idea just how vulnerable, I’ve been creating a mental inventory of things I would like to purge from my life.  Steph would say “write that that stuff down already!”  OK , I’m committing to paper today, starting with this here post.

  1. Reality shows
  2. Fast food
  3. Political pundits
  4. Bullshit
  5. Drama
  6. Excuses
  7. Clothes I don’t wear
  8. Toxic people
  9. A garage full of crap
  10. Clients I don’t like

That’s was fun and barely scratched the surface.

Too much stuff, whether it mental (drama, info overload, etc) or just too many things (do really need last year’s Readers Digests hanging around?) is a drain on your physic energies. Lets face it, most of us don’t have much more to give in this area.  We need all the reserves we can muster!

Check out this blog post and create your own top 10 to lose list. Be a peach and share your list with us in a comment below.

Here’s to less is more!

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Jeff Padovani

Jeff Padovani is a professional musician, wedding business marketing strategist and resident wise ass at Book More Brides. He’s the “big ideas” mastermind behind the many business ventures (and misadventures!) he enjoys with his wife, Stephanie.

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0 thoughts on “10 Things I Could Live Without”

  1. Here are 10 things I can live without in 2011:

    1. 12 hour work days.
    2. Raw chocolate. (Long story. The agony!)
    3. Weddings that end at 1am.
    4. Bitch sessions.
    5. Downplaying my accomplishments.
    6. Dog pee on the rug and cat vomit on my papers.
    7. Pens that don’t write.
    8. Sweaters so old they have holes in them.
    9. My Franklin Covey day planner. (Sorry, Stephen!)
    10. Guilt.

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