to blog or not to blog

Blogging is one of the most effective activities you can do when it comes to attracting leads for your wedding business.

We’re preaching the benefits of blogging all the time, but here’s a quick rundown of what’s in it for you when it comes to blogging:

  • Attract targeted local bride and groom traffic.
  • Increase your website ranking and visibility.
  • Demonstrate your expertise.
  • Powerful networking with other wedding professionals.
  • Pre-sell brides on your services.…and much, much more!

The problem is that simply writing a blog post…or even writing a whole bunch of blog posts…isn’t enough. You need to write stuff that brides actually read.

You want that lovely bride who lands on your site to be so intrigued with what she finds that she stops, lingers, reads and contacts you.

It’s All About the Title.

When you visit a blog, how do you decide what to read?

Most of the time when we’re surfing the web, we’re skimming. We’re not committed to reading anything, we’re just sort of checking things out.

How do you decide what’s worth your time?

THE TITLE. Come up with a good title and you’re half way there.

If you’re having trouble coming up with a compelling title, just use a proven formula off this list.

10 Title Formulas for Wedding Pros

Formula #1 – 7 Common/Disastrous/Deadly Mistakes Brides Make When [Wedding Planning Topic]

 We all want to avoid making mistakes, especially when it comes to something we care about. Dangle an enticing title about the most “deadly mistakes” and she’ll simply have to stop and read.


7 Common Mistakes Brides Make When Choosing the Wedding Date

3 Disastrous Mistakes Brides Make After the Wedding

4 Disastrous Mistakes Brides Make That Ruin the Honeymoon

Formula #2 – 5 Best Locations for [Insert Topic] in [Your Area]

When it doubt, write about locations.

One of the biggest challenges a couple has when planning a wedding revolves around choosing the perfect location. Use your knowledge about venues in your area to write a blog post they can’t resist.

SEO BONUS: These titles are amazing when it comes to attracting local bride and groom search engine traffic.


5 Best Intimate Wedding Venues in San Francisco

10 Best River View Locations in the Hudson Valley

3 Uncommon Wedding Locations in London

Formula #3 – How to Get/Do/Have [Cool Thing Brides Want] For Your Wedding

Brides crave wedding ideas and inspiration. “How to” posts draw them in like a magnet.


How to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress For Your Figure

How to Plan a Beach Destination Wedding

How to Use Color to Express Your Personality at the Wedding

Formula #4 – Top 10 Reasons to [Do This] For Your Wedding

Advice columns are popular for a reason! Dish out some juicy tidbits to keep those brides reading.

WARNING: Be careful not to get preachy here or you’ll drive them away. Brides want information, not a lecture.


3 Reasons to Set Your Wedding Budget Before Choosing Your Date

Top 4 Reasons to Plan an Intimate Wedding Reception

7 Reasons You Should Take Your Wedding Photos Before the Ceremony

Formula #5 – 3 Things Brides Regret About [Wedding Topic]

Regrets are like mistakes; nobody wants to make them, and everyone loves to read about them when they happen to someone else.


The 4 Biggest Regrets Brides Have After the Wedding

The #1 Regret Couples Have About Wedding Expenses

The Biggest Regret Couples Have About the Guest List

Formula #6 – Planning a Wedding? Here’s What [Insert Person] Won’t Tell You

A title that begins with a question is a great way to draw in the reader. Then you reel ‘em in with a tantalizingpromise to reveal something “they” won’t tell you.


Planning a Wedding? Here’s What the Church Coordinator Won’t Tell You

Planning a Destination Wedding? Here’s What Your Travel Agent Won’t Tell You

Getting Married in New York? Here’s What the County Clerk’s Office Won’t Tell You

Formula #7 – The Pros and Cons of [Insert Topic] For Your Wedding

When making a decision, couples want to explore both sides of their choice. This is especially useful for couples in the planning stages.


The Pros and Cons of Planning Your Own Wedding

The Pros and Cons of an Outdoor Ceremony

The Pros and Cons of Delaying Your Honeymoon

Formula #8 – 5 Little Known Facts About Planning a Wedding in [Your Area]

Local blog posts rule! Only your target market will be interested, and they’ll be hanging on your every word.


5 Little Known Facts About Planning a Wedding in Baltimore

What Every Bride Should Know About Planning a Wedding in New York City

3 Things You Don’t Know About Planning a Wedding in Australia

Formula #9 – 7 Ways to Save Money on [Insert Topic] For Your Wedding

One of a couple’s biggest stresses around the wedding is MONEY. If your title promises tips for saving money…and you want to work with budget conscious couples…it will be a big hit.


7 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Invitations

3 Ways to Cut Your Reception Expenses in Half

5 Ideas for Saving Money on a Designer Wedding Gown

Formula #10 – Planning a Wedding at the [Insert Venue in Your Area]

Yet another way to write a rockin’ local blog post title. This title uses local keywords quite naturally, which means you’ll have local brides and grooms flocking to your site.

You can also use it as an easy way to network by promoting the best venues in your area. *wink*


Planning a Wedding at the Ritz in NYC

5 Reasons to Plan a Wedding at the Grand Hotel

How to Plan an Outrageous Wedding at the Elks Club

Parting Title Tips

These formulas are just the beginning. A few more tips to keep in mind:

  • Mix and match like I did in some of the sample titles. Dive in and make them your own.
  • Come up with your compelling title before you write. This way you can be sure your piece is going to knock their socks off.
  • Send a quick email or Facebook message offering your potential titles to the couples you’ve already booked to ask which they find most interesting, then write it.

No more writer’s block! I’ve taken away your excuses, so get to work…

What’s your favorite way to come up with titles for your blog posts?

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